Missile launches


Japan made a panic over Russian missiles and planes

Japan is outraged by Russian missile tests.

In connection with Russia carrying out massive missile launches in the Kurile Islands, Japan expressed another protest, stressing that the territory currently occupied by the Russian military is controversial, and therefore the deployment of Russian aircraft, and even more so the launching of rocket launches, is inadmissible , as it threatens the national interests of the country.

As follows from the information provided in the Japanese edition of Yomiuri Online, Russia's actions are unacceptable and do not coincide with the position of Japan, against which Japanese military analysts have not ruled out that Russia in the near future may become the main enemy, which will require taking a number of measures, including, and re-equipping the Japanese army with modern aircraft.

Earlier, Japan expressed its dissatisfaction with the fact that Russian combat aircraft were stationed on the Kurile Islands, whose territorial identity this country continues to dispute, which may indicate the build-up of Russia's military capabilities at the Japanese borders. This is mainly about the means of fighter aircraft, in particular, more recently, a pair of Russian Su-35S fighters arrived in Iturup, which, according to Western analysts, can easily be compared to the US aircraft of the fifth generation F-35.

At the moment, it is known that the Japanese government sent a note of protest to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, but the application was rejected, as Russian diplomats specified that missile launches will be carried out on Russian territory.

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