Aircraft IL-38


Japan announced the interception of Russian military aircraft IL-38

The Japanese Air Force intercepted Russian anti-submarine aircraft IL-38.

The press service of the Joint Staff of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan reports that in the middle of the week, Russian anti-submarine aircraft IL-38 were intercepted near the borders of Japanese airspace, which by their direct presence "created a threat."

The Japanese media said it was about the interception of Russian anti-submarine aircraft IL-38, but it is known that in fact, the airspace of Japan was not violated, and therefore, we are talking exclusively about the escort of Russian military aircraft.

Earlier, Russia sent a notice to the Japanese authorities about its intention to conduct field shooting in the southern Kuril Islands, however, it was obvious that Japan decided to create a provocation against this background, although Russian anti-submarine IL-38 aircraft did not pose any real threat to the Japanese ships.

It should be clarified that Japan is trying to dispute the belonging of a number of southern Kuril Islands to the territory of Russia, in connection with which, statements about the interception of Russian aircraft and their support by the Japanese Air Force was conducted solely in order to create a provocation.