Aircraft MRJ


Japanese MRJ aircraft are no longer interested in operators

Japanese passenger liners MRJ were not interesting for the operators.

Despite the fact that Japanese aircraft manufacturers today there are more than 200 orders for production and delivery of these aircraft, for the past six months, the number of orders has declined sharply, due to the higher efficiency of passenger airliners on «Airbus» and «Boeing». Among other things, preparing for the beginning of serial production of Chinese passenger liner Comac C919, it proved to be more promising than the Japanese aircraft, not to mention the lower cost.

Experts point out that the Japanese aircraft manufacturers have given the establishment of its passenger liner too much attention, leading to additional costs and, consequently, increased the cost of the aircraft.

Hmm. The funny situation is that the MRJ began to be designed almost in one year with the Russian SSJ. As a result, for today's SSJ, 150 airplanes of the MRJ 2 airplane are experienced. Something with aviation is not so in Japan I dare to believe.

Absolutely agree with Anatoly. These are different classes. Plus, no arguments and arguments. Not interested, and all ... Experts say .. What experts? M.Tolboev? Have paid too much attention to the creation of the aircraft -this is how ?? Or do you all need to tap-bluff like with RRJ? So, in a puddle a bubble was started.

The Japanese aircraft is designed for 70-90 seats. Thus, it can not compete with neither B-737, nor with A320 / 319, nor with C919, which have passenger capacity from 150 and more passengers