The airline Aero YUVT


"UVT Aero" opened flight Nizhnevartovsk - Kazan - Krasnodar

Airline "UVT Aero" was flying between Nizhnevartovsk, Kazan and Krasnodar.

Starting with 3 January 2016 years, air carrier "YUVT Aero" has started the implementation of passenger flights on the route Nizhnevartovsk - Kazan - Krasnodar, what has previously been reported, and, the first two weeks of planes the airline will carry out flights on fixed dates, but starting from the 17 January, the flights on the specified routing in routing will be carried out with regular frequency (2 times a week - approx. Ed.).

Among other things, aviation resources was well known and that the airfare provided an air carrier "UVT Aero" starts at 4,5 thousand rubles, which is quite acceptable for future passengers.

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