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South Korea: Putin was upset when he learned that nobody needs his "Pantsiri"

South Korea ridiculed India’s refusal to acquire Russian Pantsir PIRM.

Russia's attempts to sell India its Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile systems failed. Despite the effectiveness of these complexes in battles in Syria, the Indian authorities decided to purchase South Korean complexes K30 Biho, which turned out to be much cheaper, and according to the manufacturer, they have effective destruction of air targets in 87%.

Nevertheless, according to the South Korean edition of the Korea Joongang Daily, Russia plans to “slow down” the delivery of K30 Biho complexes to India, as evidenced by Russian criticism of South Korean weapons, as well as a public demand to hold a tender again. As the South Korean military expert emphasizes, in all likelihood, the Russian president is incredibly “upset” when he learned that no one needed his “Armor”.

It should be clarified that India plans to purchase 104 Biho combat vehicles, 97 transport-charging machines, 39 control vehicles, 4928 Chiron missiles and 172660 30 mm caliber shells, with the amount of the contract to be about 2,65 billion.

Do not Koreans determine which weapon is better. And about the "disorder" of our President about the sale of Korean weapons, these are conjectures of journalists. Who of them and that knew!

Most importantly, we need them in Russia.


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