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Why did the Syrians drop the Russian plane into jail?

The reasons for the detention of Syrian military personnel who accidentally knocked down a Russian plane, are still not called.

Two days earlier it became known that the Russian military police had detained Syrian servicemen who shot down a Russian military aircraft on Sunday and imprisoned them for a military tribunal. There have been no official comments on this from the side of official representatives yet, considering the military situation, the arrested servicemen may well await the death penalty.

According to preliminary information, appeared in the Chinese press, four servicemen of the Syrian government forces were detained, who are charged with the destruction of the Russian Il-20 airplane and the murder of 15 on board the man. Because of the fact that the detention was carried out by the Russian military police (information provided by the Sina edition - ed.), And not by the Syrian military, a lot of questions arise about the reasons for such detention.

According to analysts, the fault of the Syrian military does exist, however, given the fact that Russia has not taken any measures to protect its aircraft, although it was warned by Israel to launch a military operation for 40 minutes (information provided by the Israeli side - ed.) , and also did not give the codes of identification of its aircraft, the fault of the Syrian military is indirect.

It should be clarified that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has not yet commented on the information about the detention of Syrian military personnel.

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