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The folder forgotten in the engine of the plane, almost led to a catastrophe

The negligence of an Australian airline employee, almost led to a major air crash.

According to, an employee of the Australian airline Jetstar Airways, conducting a preflight inspection of the passenger airliner Airbus A320 at Auckland Airport (New Zealand - Ed.), Left a daddy with entries in the aircraft engine. As a result of negligent actions, during the take-off, the object was drawn inside, which in turn led to the fact that the engine of the passenger aircraft was badly damaged. and only miraculously did not catch fire

It is reported that as a result of the incident, no one was hurt, however, the airlines caused losses amounting to several tens of thousands of dollars.

At the moment, after the incident, an official investigation is being conducted.

What a clumsy style! "Aircraft, aircraft" ... Just write - "airplane"; and what are you, journalists, so afraid of this simple word?

It's a nonsense, a folder with paper can not damage the engine, because in the first place it will immediately grind the fan blades with the blades by the blades and all this will fly out through the second circuit, and secondly the engine fan blades are made of titanium, or steel