Biker suspected of attacking police officers detained

Biker Vasily Buryakov, suspected of committing an attack on police officers, was detained in the Moscow region. According to information from the publication SHOT, a 34-year-old man was found and arrested in the city of Bely, Tver Region, which is located approximately 410 kilometers from the scene of the crime. It is assumed that after the attack, Buryakov tried to escape, heading towards Rzhev, in order to lie low.

The incident, as a result of which one policeman was shot and killed and the second was seriously wounded, occurred on Sunday in the forest of SNT "Ozone" in the Moscow region. Buryakov was reportedly caught by police while planting drugs. After attacking the police, he fled on a Yamaha FZ6-N motorcycle, and then allegedly switched to a Niva car. Buryakov also made attempts to erase all his traces on social networks.

Previously, Buryakov worked as a signalman at the Gazpromsvyaz company, and later opened his own individual enterprise, doing advertising. However, his business was not successful and by the end of last year he was forced to close his business. Perhaps after this Buryakov began selling drugs through the darknet.


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