Yakutia Airlines


The debt of the airline "Yakutia" in front of the Yakutsk airport exceeded 500 million rubles

The airline "Yakutia" owes the Yakutia airport more than half a billion rubles.

As it became known to the resource Avia.pro from official sources, in the period from 2014 to 2017 year, the debt of domestic carrier "Yakutia" in front of the Yakutsk airport was 509 million rubles. In fact, the airline only increases its debt, which forces the airport to take loans independently in order to serve the carrier.

Taking into account this fact, in the near future serious financial problems may start at the air port of Yakutsk, in this connection, the situation with arising debt should be resolved as quickly as possible, while at the moment it was not possible to receive any comments from the carrier’s representatives.