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I wanted to go to sea: the homeless unobserved sneaked onto the plane in Sheremetyevo

The security of Sheremetyevo Airport raises a lot of doubts.

Today in the capital's airport "Sheremetyevo" was detained a homeless citizen of the Russian Federation, who was able to sneak through the security posts and get on board the passenger aircraft. It is known that this is a plane of the air carrier "Nordwind Airlines", which was supposed to perform a flight to Simferopol.

The source reports that it was possible to establish that the woman is on board without a ticket, only after one of the passengers who boarded the aircraft filed a claim about the occupied seat, and as soon as it turned out that the woman had no documents She was detained by police.

Later, the detainee explained that she did not have any malice, but simply wanted to look at the sea.

The specialists in turn had quite a number of questions to both the management of the Moscow air haven and to the employees of the domestic air carrier who, in fact, could not provide an adequate level of security, despite the fact that in connection with the 2018 World Cup, security should have been at the highest level.

Any comments from the domestic air carrier "Nordwind Airlines" to the editorial portal were not received.

It repeats again - what happened - when the two sides in the sky exploded - the air security exists only for respectable passengers