Zamgolkoma VKS spoke about the development of new promising aircraft and helicopters

Zamgolkoma VKS talked about promising aircraft and helicopters being developed in Russia.

In an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper, deputy commander-in-chief of the VKS, Lieutenant-General Sergei Dronov, said that promising aircraft and helicopters for the Russian VKS are currently being developed in the country.

According to Deputy Lieutenant-General Sergey Dronov, Commander-in-Chief of the Space Forces of the Russian Federation, in the near future we should expect the Su-57, Tu-160М2, Tu-22М3М, Il-76МД-90А aircraft, the newest helicopters to be the Mi-28MHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMHMMD-XMHMD-26. B, Mi-2, as well as, “promising aircraft and helicopters that are just being developed,” however, he did not specify what specific promising machines are meant

«I want to assure that we are not going to stop there. The training program for pilots is constantly being improved, taking into account modern features and trends. In the near future, we expect deliveries of aircraft 5-generation Su-57, Tu-160M2, Tu-22M3M, IL-76MD-90A, Mi-28NM, Mi-26T2-in, Mi-38. A number of promising airplanes and helicopters are being developed.»- said Dronov.

Moreover, Dronov stressed that over the past six years, the level of the aircraft's serviceability has more than doubled in the aircraft. As for the share of modern weapons, it is more than 74 percent.

The lieutenant-general also reported that the new types of combat aircraft, and this is Su-34, Su-35С, Su-30СМ and combat helicopters Ka-52, re-armed with 4 air regiment and 2 squadron.