VKS strikes on Syria


West about the victory over "ISIS": Russia's contribution was minimal

In the United States, they stated that the role of Russia in the victory over ISIS was formal.

The American media and social networks are actively discussing the destruction of the last stronghold of terrorists "ISIL" ("Islamic State", a terrorist group whose activities are banned in Russia - approx. Ed.) In Syria, stressing that Russia rather took a passive role, not making any significant contribution to the victory over the militants.

“Russia has focused its efforts on fighting ISIS even when the coalition began to take control of the situation. Her (Russia - Ed.) Role was very insignificant. ”- said one of the users of the German social network «Mein VZ».

“Russia, with such support of aviation, could destroy the army of terrorists in 1-2 of the year, but it could not do it even in twice as long. Only thanks to the actions of the United States and the coalition of terrorists managed to destroy " - Reader notes the British edition of «Express».

It is clear that such statements are propaganda, since it was thanks to the actions of the Russian military that most of the terrorists were destroyed, not to mention that the last stronghold of ISIS fell only 3,5 a month after the start of the operation, while about an area of ​​several tens of square kilometers.