The West is scared of Su-35, but is not afraid of Su-57

The opinion of Western experts put Russian analysts at a standstill.

Despite the fact that in the West, the newest Russian fighter Su-57 is called an analogue of the Su-35, experts from the United States and several European countries agree that in reality, the Russian fighter of the 4 ++ generation is more dangerous than the fifth-generation fighter Su -57.

As experts and military experts of the American military publication "The National Interest" emphasize, the key difference between the Su-57 and the Su-35 is the barely noticeable glider, the effectiveness of which is very much in question, and the radar with an active phased array. In all other respects, these planes are so identical that a possible air battle between them could not reveal the winner.

Experts do not exclude that the Russian Su-57 can get unique opportunities and prospects after the appearance of the engine of the second stage, but so far, it has no key advantages.

Military analysts mainly operate the demand for Russian Su-57 in the world, which remains extremely low.

"China does not recognize Su-57, but it is extremely pleased with Su-35; India refused the fifth-generation Russian fighter; in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced that the release of Su-57 will be very limited - all this is the best possible underlines the backwardness of the Russian aircraft ", - emphasize military analysts.

"It is completely unclear why the US does not believe in the Russian Su-57. This plane was able to prove in Syria and it has unique capabilities, and it is likely that it perfectly provides the country's defense capability ", - said a specialist