West believes escalation between Iran and Israel is inevitable

Tensions in the Middle East are rising every day after the Israeli airstrike on the Iranian embassy in Damascuswhich occurred on April 1. This incident, which led to the death of seven representatives of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), was perceived in the West as a likely provocation aimed at involving Tehran in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with possible subsequent escalation by Western countries.

In this context, the German Foreign Ministry issued a recommendation to German citizens to leave Iran due to the threat of possible escalation. Germans in the region are also advised to follow safety instructions. Such precautions come amid European diplomatic efforts to prevent further escalation in the Near and Middle East.

Italy took similar steps, calling on its citizens to postpone non-urgent travel to Israel and to remain vigilant in the Palestinian territories.

In response to the possible use of their airspace for attacks on Iran, the authorities of Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE and Saudi Arabia also called on their citizens to immediately leave Israel.

Iranian Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Karai Ashtiani expressed Iran's determination to respond to any aggressive actions. He warned against countries that might give Israel their airspace to attack Iran.


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