The aircraft Su-34


The West is shocked by the capabilities of Russian aviation

The Pentagon, despite criticism, is afraid of Russian combat aviation.

The criticism of the US Department of Defense, which has attacked modern types of Russian weapons, most likely has nothing to do with reality. This is due to a recent statement by Mark Schneider, a leading analyst at the National Institute of Public Policy of the United States, who recognized the enormous power of Russian armament.

According to the analyst, Russian combat aviation copes well with the tasks set, which was demonstrated in Syria, where dozens of tons of bombs fell on dozens of tons of militants of the "Islamic state" (ISGIL, a terrorist group whose activities are banned in Russia - ed.) and rockets. The Russian air missile complex "Dagger", capable of hitting various targets at distances of up to 2 thousand kilometers, also deserves no less attention, moving at a speed of about 12,5 thousand km / h.

"To date, no country has a missile system with nuclear capabilities. The only nuclear missile fired by a Western fighter is the French medium-range ASMPA, which has both a strategic and tactical purpose ", - said Mark Schneider, admiring the ARC "Dagger".

According to analyst estimates, the Russian Su-57 fighter, which is a fifth-generation aircraft, deserves no less interest, since this fighter has the highest maneuverability and is quite comparable in its power with the fifth-generation American aircraft - F-22 and F-35.

Thus, the specialist believes that Russian aviation has enormous potential, which, at least, is comparable to the US military potential, if it does not exceed it at all.

it's your brains are wooden. They poured water into the western media and they swelled)

It's very good that you think so.

Such a suspicion that our rockets and airplanes are praised only by their manufacturers. Itself you will not praise, nobody will praise. advertising can give order and profit. But! compare the technical characteristics of similar weapons for example in the US, it turns out basically, our weapons are much inferior in terms of their technical characteristics. And the United States has armament on breakthrough technologies, which Russia does not have. such as control of the aircraft's flow, control of gravity, control of inertia. This super technology is invisible to radar, easily escapes from our missiles and aircraft, can attack from space. Here it is necessary to compare with what.

It is more for the destruction of aircraft carriers, according to the Syrian territory the aircraft carriers IG do not swim.

Well, with the dagger, he bent, of course - in fact this rocket is very vulnerable, and rather has a frightening character, such as SS-18, which also was not used nirazu. if Russia had a hypersonic missile, then at least it would have been tested in Syria, the very thing against the militants and terrorists, but for some reason the steel was either unreliable or it was actually wooden

Yes, even Soviet aircraft are able to cope with the American, another thing is that here it is the professionalism of the pilots - if it is not, then this is a fiasco


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