Peter Poroshenko


Poroshenko's statement about the power of Ukraine ridiculed

The statement of the President of Ukraine about the power of Ukraine was mocked.

A day earlier, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared Ukraine’s greatest power, stressing that Russia would pay a high price for attempts to destabilize the situation in this country. Despite the terrible nature of such a statement, he was mocked not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine itself.

Experts note that the statement of the Ukrainian president is exclusively provocative in nature and has nothing to do with reality.

“It seems that Poroshenko is in some other reality. For some reason Russia is to blame for all the troubles of Ukraine; according to the Ukrainian leader, the Russian military aviation constantly attacks this country; Ukrainian Air Forces are among the strongest in Europe and the world, etc. So far, we see that the Ukrainian economy is mired in debt due to corruption and ruin in the country, and that the Ukrainian Air Force may disappear altogether in the near future, since the funds allocated from the budget are only enough to repair old equipment ”, - the expert marks.

“Every month they invent some new weapons, every month they say that this is“ protection from Russia ”. They say that the missiles they produce will fly to Moscow itself, now the topic of airplanes has emerged. ”, - quotes Sergei RT Cirkov, a member of the committee of the Council of the Federation on International Affairs, edition of the RT.

Not less questions arose to the statement Poroshenko and the citizens of Ukraine.

“Poroshenko talks about great power, but is not able to regain control of the eastern part of the country, not to mention the return of the Crimea and the entry into open confrontation with Russia. Hiding behind NATO, it looks ridiculous. ”, - one of the Facebook users comments on the statements of the Ukrainian leader.

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