Missile cruiser


Zelensky was offered to launch the missile cruiser "Ukraine" for scrap metal

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine announced the need to cut the missile cruiser "Ukraine" for scrap.

The head of the Ukrainian defense ministry, Stepan Poltorak, made a proposal to President Vladimir Zelensky about the elimination of the Ukraine-launched missile cruiser. According to the data presented, the repair and restoration of this combat ship is impossible, and the only possible way out is to cut the combat ship for scrap.

Remarkable is the fact that the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that the missile cruiser Ukraine was outdated even for the Russian Federation, which, by the way, caused a lot of questions regarding this statement.

According to some data, the president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, has not yet supported the proposal of the head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, however, given the fact that the missile cruiser has not left the Ukrainian port for two decades, it is logical to assume that its retrofit does not make any sense. Nevertheless, according to Poltorak, some units and aggregates of the cruiser "Ukraine" can be used to repair and restore existing Ukrainian warships.

It should be clarified that the process of restoring the Ukrainian warship is also impossible due to the lack of appropriate weapons, which, by the way, is made only by Russia.