Ural Airlines


A woman with a disabled child was refused permission to fly

Air carrier "Ural Airlines" may be in the center of a loud scandal.

According to information available to the editorial staff of Avia.pro, a resident of the Moscow region Elena Zhilkina, who together with her disabled daughter intended to fly a flight of the airline "Ural Airlines" from Moscow to Bishkek, refused to let on board the aircraft. The victim stated that she arrived an hour before the end of registration for the flight, but her, her daughter and six passengers, representatives of the domestic air carrier "Ural Airlines", simply refused to go on board the aircraft.

The reasons for which the woman was not allowed on board the passenger aircraft remain unknown, but, as follows from the information provided by the air carrier itself, the woman and other passengers simply missed the plane, and therefore she was denied boarding and exchange of air tickets .

"Given that, according to the information provided by the passenger and the carrier, it is impossible to establish an objective reason for the incident at the airport in the capital. Experts have to find out all the circumstances of this case, and if the carrier's guilt is confirmed, then obviously it faces a large fine ", - the Avia.pro specialist said.

It should be clarified that such cases are periodically observed by domestic air carriers, which requires the adoption of compulsory measures to protect socially unprotected strata of society.

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