Air Defense System


Zhirinovsky spoke about the secret Russian CMS X-NUMX

The Russian politician spoke about the C-700 secret anti-aircraft missile system.

Russian air and missile defense systems are the most effective and long-range in the world. Today, the same C-400 “Triumph” air defense system poses a serious danger to the air forces of any country, and with the advent of the C-2020 “Prometheus” air defense system in Russia in 500, it will be possible to destroy aircraft distances to 600 kilometers. Nevertheless, the outrageous Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, on the air, said that the Russian army is armed with much more serious air defense systems, in particular, we are talking about the C-600 and C-700 complexes.

“C-300 now interested them. They paid zero attention - that there is some C-300. And now they are afraid, because the direct ally of the United States is Israel, he is afraid - C-300 is near. And any aircraft - not only Israeli - any military aircraft can be destroyed. And the Americans as a whole are afraid, they are afraid that the whole world will see that the best air defense system in the world is the Russian C-300. And we have C-400, C-500, C-600 and C-700. We can close the whole planet, and not a single plane will fly into the air. ”- said the Russian politician.

The host of the TV show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov,” as well as the auditorium, met Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s statement with laughter, and Vladimir Solovyov himself recommended the policy not to reveal the secrets of Russian military power.

As far as the statement of Vladimir Zhirinovsky was implausible, the experts saw some truth in his words.

“Comparatively recently, the Russian military reported that scientists are developing an air defense system based on new physical principles; the Russian army already has missiles capable of making long flights (the Petrel); designed radar can detect enemy aircraft at distances of several thousand kilometers - all this, in fact, characterizes the same C-700, which Zhirinovsky spoke of. Of course, the project should initially be implemented, but the concept itself voiced by the politician coincides with the basic principles of almost 90% ”, - the expert marks.

The roof has moved out. Awkward attempt to twist the militaristic intrigue. But the West has already realized that all this is crap. Trep kgbeshnika (customized, eats-but), which did not have enough imagination, even on the cartoon

Well, Zhirinovsky has always been famous for lying. How can you believe this state Duma clown?
There is no way for C-500 to bring it to the mind, and this clown swung at 700.

Zhirinovsky: “We have C-500, C-600 and C-700. We can close the whole planet. I think C-700 will be the last system, because there will be no missiles in the world to take off. C-700 will close everyone completely straight in places of start. "
- Such politicians in Russia are irresponsible ...

"The Russian military reported that scientists are developing a missile defense system based on new physical principles. The project still needs to be implemented."
- And first consult with experts - so that it does not work out as with 'hypersonic' maneuvering ...