SAM S-75 shot down a supersonic fighter-bomber. Video

Fighter-bomber shot down by the Soviet air defense system S-75 "Dvina".

Contrary to the fact that most of the Soviet weapons can no longer be used to effectively combat enemy missiles and aircraft, it became known that it was with such an air defense system that a supersonic fighter-bomber was destroyed that only violated Yemen’s border for 25 seconds.

“In the Western media it is assumed that the Hussites could get several Sayyad-2 complexes produced in Iran. Sayyad-2 is actually a Middle Eastern modification of the Soviet S-75 Dvina air defense system. Dvina analogs were produced in China and the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is noted that the strike could be delivered with the help of this modification of the Soviet rocket. ”, - cites the publication Military Review.

However, it is also noteworthy that the Hussites themselves claim that they are talking about a modernized air defense system, while today, only Ukraine and Belarus are engaged in the modernization of such systems, and therefore, it is possible that it was precisely these countries that could supply similar air defense systems to the Ansar Allah movement.

It should be clarified that the Saudi Arabian Air Force suffer heavy losses due to the presence of even morally obsolete air defense systems in the possession of the Hussites - only since the beginning of this year, Riyadh lost at least 5 unmanned aerial vehicles and one combat aircraft over Yemen.

For the first time I learned about the availability of special ammunition on the S-75 from you, since we only had such items for the S-200

With 75 magnificent air defense system, it is a stretch (for a specialist) can be called morally obsolete. This rocket flies 1 kilometer per second, and it does not play catch-up and always flies in oncoming courses. The warhead of 200 kilograms of TNT and 30k steel balls, which collapse in the explosion into millions of needles, does not give anyone a chance within a radius of 1 kilometer. This is a guaranteed radius of destruction with a conventional charge. )) But there is also a special charge. As I understand it, Russia has it and was in the USSR. But I won’t tell about this, otherwise people in black will come.


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