Zrpk shell


ZRPK "Shell-S" reflect the attacks of the Turkish MLRS in the Syrian army

The attacks of the Turkish MLRS against the Syrian military were completely useless.

Contrary to the arguments of the Turkish military command about the powerful strikes of the Turkish MLRS on the deployment areas of the Syrian forces in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, it became known that in fact, about 80% of all missiles launched by Turkish artillery were successfully intercepted by Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile systems into service CAA. Thanks to this, neither Turkey nor the militants controlled by it can simply cause damage to the SAA.

“Our air defense successfully shot down Turkish missiles and repelled the attacks of Erdogan and his terrorists. All important areas are well protected from any attacks from land and air. ”- said a source in the Syrian army.

Thus, this information completely refutes the arguments of the Turkish president about hundreds of attacks on the positions of the SAA and the deaths of hundreds of Syrian soldiers, which, however, was previously confirmed by Russian military sources.

“A few well-placed“ Shells ”are able to reflect even large-scale strikes of MLRS assets. If the Turkish troops really attacked the positions of the SAA, the answer would be immediate, and the losses among the Turks would be calculated not by units, but by tens and hundreds of military ", - the expert marks.

Earlier it was reported that “Pantsir-S” appeared in the front-line areas of ZRPK, however, no information was voiced about their true purpose.

in general, they should not stand in one place, they fired the ammunition and changed their position, otherwise the otvetochka will fly

It must be understood that the shells on positions should be in groups of 3 to 4 units. for 100% reflection of both missiles and shells and the ability to reload complexes from charging machines to continue firing.


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