Photo of stewardesses made at the right moment

stewardesses embrace


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Girls are super good

Look that the swallows get up !!!

My first love was also a flight attendant in Koltsovo-39 years have not seen!?

I like flying very much, I like aviation, and flight attendants are just fascinating. Tired of politics, dirt, elections ...

Beautiful woman's legs are cute and the figures are also on top

Well done girls! I do not know about your work, I've traveled a lot myself, I know all aspects of the job. Thank you very much!

Girls! Thank you for your hard work!
... and yes! Legs pleased !!!!!

Good legs with girls!

Well done girl stewardess on the positive so keep on and please your cool photos. But in fact they have not an easy job as it seems. Thank you girls keep it up !!!!!:



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