Military aircraft of Ukraine. A series of photos.

Military aircraft of Ukraine. A series of photos.

Military aircraft of Ukraine. A series of photos.


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Su-27 - A multi-purpose all-weather fighter vysokomanёvrenny fourth generation.

Su-27 is in service in Ukraine 1992 years. After the collapse of the Soviet Union on the territory of Ukraine were 70-27 Su devices and their modifications. Currently, the number of planes of this model is 38 pieces, and a few dozen machines are stored. The aircraft and its modifications have a high flight and combat characteristics, which makes this one of the best fighter attack aircraft in the Air Force of Ukraine. In Ukraine, it was modernized Su-27, which led to the emergence of new markings.

sous-27 Ukraine



MiG-29 lightweight tactical fighter.

Currently, the MiG-29 has the largest number of aircraft of all combat vehicles in Ukraine, the number of pieces 90. The operation is the order of several dozen cars, most of them are stored in the hangars. Although the 1992 240, Ukraine received units of this model. Recent developments in the East of the country led to the loss of two more units of the MiG-29.

MiG-29 ukaraina



Su-24 bomber.

In service of Ukraine are Su-24 and modification of the Su-24M. All the bombers of this model are in service with 1992 years. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the country had 120 24M machines Su-Su and 90-24. Currently 36 operated devices, the rest in storage.

Su-24 Ukraine



Sioux 24MR all-weather aircraft Intelligence complex.

Speaking of the modification of the Su-24MR, their in Ukraine at the beginning of the year, there were 1992 35 pieces. At the moment, most of them, namely 24 machines continue to be used for military purposes. Some have been charged or are in storage.

Sioux 24MR Ukraine


Su-25 Armored subsonic attack aircraft, which is designed for direct support of ground troops on the battlefield, day and night.

The Su-25 used in Ukraine as an attack, which supports ground forces at any time of the day. He is able to destroy any ground object, given the coordinates, regardless of weather conditions. Ukrainian troops 36 own such devices, and 14 of them were modernized to a new level of Su-25M1.

Su-25 Ukraine


Aero L-39 Albatros training and combat aircraft.

Apparatus AeroL-39 is a training plane, manufactured in the Czech Republic. It is in service in 30 the world, mainly in Europe and Asia. Ukrainian Air Force 38 own machines of this type. It should be noted that most of them passed a modification to the level of L-39M1. At the beginning of the year their number 1992 480 was apparatuses.

Military aircraft of Ukraine. Series foto.6


MiG-23 multirole fighter of third generation.

Among Ukraine's military aircraft are in operation multipurpose MiG-23. They are widely used to fight with ground and air targets. Modifications of the apparatus are able to perform a specific mission. The car has great punching power of arms, whose weight can reach up to two tons. Currently, the MiG-23 in Ukraine is practically not used.

MiG-23 Ukraine



MiG-27 fighter-bomber.

The most widely bomber MiG-27 in Ukraine was used during the Soviet era. This versatile machine can fight with mobile and fixed objects on the ground as possible active air battle with the enemy. With the collapse of the Union of all MiG-27 in Ukraine have been written off. The only country that has a MiG-27 in service, is India.

MiG-27 Ukraine



Su-15 fighter-interceptor.

Su-15 fairly old model fighter Sukhoi. But it was a long time in service in all the countries of the Soviet Union. Even after independence, many countries have continued its operation. For example, in Ukraine on arms in 1992 70, there were modifications of the Su-15TM and several Su-15UM. Finally, all devices 15-th model were scrapped in Ukraine 1996 year.

Su-15 Ukraine



Tu-22 long-range bomber.

Tu-22 used extensively in military aircraft on the territory of Ukraine to 90-ies. This reliable long-range bomber was able to overcome the vast distances with powerful weapons on board. Currently in Ukraine, only three of the Tu-22, which are based at the airport in the beautiful ancient city.

Tu-22 Ukraine



The transport plane An-70, or as it is called - "The beautiful Helen" is designed for transportation of various military goods middle-distance flight. It was designed to replace an older version of the An-12. For service in the Air Force of Ukraine adopted in 2015 year. In military purposes in Ukraine there is only one model of the An-70.

An-70 Ukraine



IL-76 was very common model military transport unit in the USSR. Since independence in Ukraine was handed over 190 machines Il-76MD. Initially, the Air Force used only 22 car, and the rest are in storage. The current situation has reduced their operation to 6 machines. For storage there is still 57 units. All the rest were scrapped.

IL-76MD Ukraine



Among the military aircraft in the Ukraine used two passenger aircraft Tu-134AK. Due to the huge amount of communication equipment on board, they are used as machines SCS. They are also used to transport VIPs. Total produced 854 such aircraft and modifications. Ukraine is still in storage 4 Tu-1234AK.




Modification An-24B made as a passenger liner with increased takeoff weight of up to 21 tones. In addition, the board can be placed 52 passenger. Typically, it is used to transport troops and military high command. Total Ukrainian Air Force owned 7 such liners, including 5 are stored.

An-24B Ukraine



The plane made a reliable transport vehicle with a large cargo capacity. There are also versions for passenger transport. A special feature of the machine is a large cargo door and descend the ladder. At the moment, mainly operated modification 100 for transporting people. Ukrainian Air Force had in 1992 57, the AN-26. Today, only use machines 19 and 14 are stored.

An-26 Ukraine



An apparatus-30B a military reconnaissance aircraft, also known as "Nastya". It was created based on the transport model of the An-24. The main task of the machine is the aerial work area and air reconnaissance. Total use of two military aircraft, and even 3 are stored. At the end of the year 2014 renovated another An-30B was inducted into the military aircraft of Ukraine.

An-30B Ukraine



Antonov An-178 is the new machine, which became part of the Air Force of Ukraine. This short-haul transport aircraft with a payload of 18 tons. Total operated one machine. Its first flight was in May 2015 years.

An-178 Ukraine


Mi-8multi-purpose helicopter.

On arms of Ukraine is among the only multipurpose helicopters Mi-8. As you know, this is the most mass model of the helicopter in the USSR. Features and capabilities of the helicopter make it suitable for performing a wide variety of operations. Ukrainian Air Force operated only 9 such machines, and even 14 are stored.

Mi-8 Ukraine


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