Toilet in the plane
Toilet in the plane

Toilet on the plane. Where is the toilet on the plane? How does it work?


Toilet aircraft - a sanitary unit, which is on board the aircraft. It used as a rule, on passenger planes, which make long air flights. The aircraft has a system of waste disposal and water supply.

Water on the plane

The system is charged with drinking water just before departure to clean water tank. Seasoned water under pressure, which is formed as a result of air compressors. Typically, water is used as a drink to passengers and crew. But she goes and sinks and flush toilet.

where in an airplane bathroom?

In some aircraft toilets adapted for separate supply of water. Removal of water is used during the flight through the drain tube from the bottom of the fuselage.


The operating principle of the removal of solid waste depends on different types of aircraft. On one flush is due to the water, then all the products fall into a drain tank. This cargo is stored throughout the flight. In some aircraft, disposal of solid waste is due to the vacuum that sucks them out of the toilet. Residues in this case, are washed with a little water.

There are also sewer system closed type, which operate on the principle of recycling the liquid. In flight after flushing solid waste is filtered. The resulting liquid is sent again to re-wash. At the same time the tank penetrate chemicals for deodorizing and disinfecting liquid.

plate in a plane toilet

Open booth san. can block out. Lever is located under the nameplate.

When the plane landed at an airport, all the impurities, both liquid and filtered, using a blend of the vacuum system and transported.


The location and number of booths in various different planes. The "Boeing-747» 11 toilets: 2 on at the end and beginning of the cabin, 3 - on the second deck and 4 in the middle of the cabin. Aircraft A-320, 42-Yak, TU-154, «Boeing-737» equipped with three toilets: 1 2 at the entrance and in the tail. "Boeing 767» equipped with toilets 5: 1 at the beginning of the business class, 2 between economy and business class, economy class 2 in the middle. But as a rule, the location of the toilet stalls in different planes, depending on the type, year of manufacture and the plane layout.

toilet on the plane 2

operating rules

To increase security, were invented some rules for using the toilets on board:

  1. To use the toilet is prohibited during take-off and landing.

  2. Before you press the push button, you need to make sure that the toilet lid is covered.

  3. In the toilets is forbidden to throw toilet paper, diapers and pads. For this type of waste in each booth equipped with special boxes.

  4. The door opens a handle, which is under the sign "Head» (lavatory).

  5. The toilet can not create puddles.

  6. Going to the toilet is desirable for 10 minutes. before making meals or 15 minutes. after.

  7. It is strictly forbidden to smoke and use dymovydelyayuschimi and dangerous products, as this could trigger the alarm.

Military aircraft

In different countries, the creation of military aircraft in their own thought through system output of solid and liquid waste. In the USSR and the Russian Federation in military aircraft, as a rule, there are no toilets. In a little each crew member can go to the private urinal, which is sealed. In the event that the pilot should descend in large, is the choice before him: either the failure of the task with the consequences or shame to the whole squadron. Military transport aircraft equipped with conventional buckets with a lid or plastic bottles to liter 1,5.

In this video you can see how the health unit served on the plane.

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