Comparison of aircraft
Civilian helicopters
Photo Country Manufacturer Name Modification Start of production
Bottlenose Dolphin helicopter. Specifications. A photo. Russia Heliveyl bottlenose Dolphin - 2015 compare 
Helicopter Sud-Ouest Ariel. Specifications. A photo. France South West Ariel - 1947 compare 
Helicopter Gazda Helicospeeder 100. Specifications. A photo. USA Helicopter Engineering & Construction Corporation Helicospeeder 100 - 1946 compare 
Helicopter Rumas 20F. Specifications. A photo. Russia Rumas Group Rumas 20 Rumas 20F 2015 compare 
Helicopter VFW-Fokker H3 Sprinter. Specifications. A photo. Germany VFW-Fokker H3 H3 Sprinter 1970 compare 
Helicopter Rumas 15. Specifications. A photo. Russia Rumas Group Rumas 15 - 2014 compare 
Helicopter Rumas 10. Specifications. A photo. Russia KB Maslova Rumas 10 - 2014 compare 
The helicopter HAL IMRH. Specifications. A photo. India Hindustan Aeronautics Limited IMRH - 2014 compare 
Helicopter Quest AVQ. Technical features. A photo. Canada Quest Helicopters AVQ - 2011 compare 
Helicopter Avimech DF1 DragonFly. Specifications. A photo. USA Avimech DF1 DF1 Dragon Fly 2010 compare 
Helicopter BHR Fandango F360. Specifications. A photo. France BHR-Helitechnica F360 - 2011 compare 
The helicopter Heli Air Design HAD1-T Helineo. Specifications. A photo. France Heli Air Design HAD1-T HAD1-T Helineo 2016 compare 
Helicopter Winner B180. Specifications. A photo. Belgium Winner Helico B180 - 2015 compare 
Helicopter Winner B150. Specifications. A photo. Belgium Winner Helico B150 - 2014 compare 
Helicopter Ben Showers SkyTwister. Specifications. A photo. USA Ben Showers SkyTwister - 1956 compare 


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Compare civil (passenger) helicopters 


Today, civil helicopters used in more than 190 countries. Our portal offers comparison of different passenger helicopter in a few clicks.

Such air equipment is used to transport passengers, cargo, search and rescue operations, medical needs, law enforcement, for example, patrolling, fire fighting, tracing the forest during the construction of power lines, in construction, agriculture, maintenance of TEP, etc. Particular importance is the status of passengers and the nature of the goods carried. It is important to understand that when buying a civilian aircraft can easily turn into a military one, depending on the owner's goals. For example, many Mi-8 / 17 helicopters purchased in the secondary market by the countries of the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia were later equipped with military equipment and are now effectively used by the armed forces.

Civil helicopter market has been hit by the crisis, which has reduced the purchase of expensive equipment. Analysts suggest that in the near future will actively develop the market of passenger helicopters. It is predicted that in the next ten years, the Chinese fleet will increase to several thousand helicopters.

Today in Russia 1 million inhabitants fourteen civilian aircraft, while in the US the figure is much higher - 40.

In the near future, it is projected to increase the volume of purchases of civilian helicopters by more than two times. The increased demand for such air equipment is fueled by public recognition in many regions of its operation. For many years the public position has been concerned with the problems of security and noise. And the problem of noise was not only a matter of public, but also organized resistance. The new helicopters on the market produce less noise, which, in fact, helped to alleviate public unrest. In addition, the helicopter industry is actively demonstrating to the public all the advantages of using helicopters, winning public respect and loyalty to screw aircraft.

In the field of high-profile security incidents adversely affect the public and the public perception of helicopters. The lack of decisive action by the industry could lead to the imposition of government restrictions. As a result of the establishment of a safety helicopter industry has taken a position on the question of security. In the near future the number of helicopter accidents are planning to cut back on 80%. To achieve this, analysts were presented various recommendations.

One of the most significant aspects of the recent growth in sales of civilian orders - geographical diversity of demand. For example, North America, and to this day remains the most extensive regional market of civil helicopters, but the percentage of customers abroad is more than half. This shows the change in the structure of sales of the recent past.

The demand for civilian helicopters exists in almost all regions of the world, including in Asia and Europe. But be that as it may, government restrictions on the use of helicopters have a negative effect on sales in European countries, especially models with one engine. The operation of single-engine helicopters in Europe is subject to various restrictions, including location, which requires the use of two-engine helicopters during flight over densely populated areas.