Comparison of aircraft
Military aircraft
Photo Country Manufacturer Name Modification Start of production
IAR-823. Specifications. A photo. Romania IAR IAR-823 IAR-823 1973 compare 
Hughes H-4 USA Hughes H-4 H-4 Hercules 1947 compare 
Plane Ar-2 the USSR EDO Arkhangelsk Ar-2 Ar-2 1940 compare 
SR-71 Blackbird USA Lockheed Martin SR-71 SR-71 Blackbird 1964 compare 
The plane "Rama" Germany Focke-Wulf Fw 189 Fw 189 Uhu 1938 compare 
Fighter J-31 China Shenyang Aircraft J-31 J-31 2012 compare 
Antonov An-32 the USSR Antonov Design Bureau An-32 An-32 1976 compare 
MiG-9 the USSR OKB Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-9 MiG-9 1946 compare 
MiG-AT Russia OKB Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-AT MiG-AT 1996 compare 
Dry T-60 the USSR Sukhoi T-60 T-60 1984 compare 
Tu-89 the USSR Tupolev Tu-89 Tu-89 1951 compare 
Yak-14 the USSR Yakovlev Yak-14 Yak-14 1948 compare 
Yak-19 the USSR Yakovlev Yak-19 Yak-19 1947 compare 
Boeing C-17 USA Boeing C-17 C-17 Globemaster 1991 compare 
Lockheed C-130 Hercules USA Lockheed Martin C-130 C-130 Hercules 1954 compare 


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Compare martial (military) aircraft


Modern military aircraft rapid strides moving forward, expanding their opportunities and attracting new forces.

Modern domestic combat aircraft of the world owe their existence to the development and popularization of aviation, which largely contributed to the pilots flying Popova, M. Efimova, A. Shiukova, Utochkina S., B. Russian and talented designers such as Sikorsky, J. Gakkel, V. technician, I. Steglau.

On our portal everyone will be able to compare the combat aircraft in a few clicks. This procedure does not give you any difficulty, since it is extremely simple.

Modern aircraft as quantitative growth and development of the fleet has an increasingly important role in the implementation of military operations. Along with the widespread use of aircraft by day and in good weather they were used at night and in adverse weather conditions. ground forces operations are always carried out with the active participation of the aircraft, to provide support in the fighting. She covered the troops by air strikes and aerial reconnaissance of the enemy, supported by infantry, conducted aerial reconnaissance.

Since the beginning of the use of aircraft on the battlefield, their role in the conflict is growing. And this is especially true of the last 30-50 years. Military aircraft from one year to get more and more powerful tools of warfare, more advanced electronics, increases their speed, decreasing their visibility on radar screens. Today aviation is capable to solve the course of the conflict alone or play a key role in it. The military branch of humanity, this has never been before.

With the advent of new communication systems, precision-guided munitions and satellite navigation / targeting the power and role of the Air Force is very increased. Current and future combat aircraft also vary greatly. Using the new engine designs, advanced materials, sophisticated electronics allow warplane called the crown of the new generation of scientific and technological progress.

Today, many countries are developing aircraft of the fifth generation fighter, except the US, because America already has fighter aircraft F-35 Lightning and F-22 Raptor. They have long been tested and put into service. China, Japan and Russia are still lagging behind in this regard.

Today in combat tactics more and more attention is paid to the technique of the fighter, which is responsible for the establishment of no-fly zones, maintenance of aircraft and ships, enemy air defenses. Therefore, the proportion of aircraft in the total volume of arms trade - almost 50%. Compare offers combat aircraft that takes you a few minutes, winning a lot of time that would be spent on the search for all the information. At the same time it can be compared to no more than four military aircraft.

For a long time the major tasks that lay on the "shoulders" of fighters, was the conquest of the air, protection of ground facilities from enemy air forces, aircraft maintenance civil and military aviation and at least - the targeting of various ground targets of the enemy.

To date, the fighters have become more functional, able to deliver powerful blows both on land infrastructure of the enemy, and in aviation. Whereas previously they were just kind of defensive weapons, but now they were more likely to be used in an offensive capacity.

Every year, promising global and Russian aviation receives an impetus for the development of nanotechnology worldwide. Aircraft are improving, increasing speed, power and altitude, taking into account the range and carrying capacity of the action. In addition, great opportunities allowed to open the use of new materials. Designers in many countries around the world are aggressively looking for ways to achieve high flight speeds.