Comparison of aircraft
Military helicopters
Photo Country Manufacturer Name Modification Start of production
The helicopter AgustaWestland AW 101. Specifications. A photo. Italy AgustaWestland AW 101 - 1999 compare
Helicopter MD Helicopters MH-6 Little Bird. Specifications. A photo. USA MD Helicopters MH-6 MH-6 Little Bird 1980 compare
Helicopter Eurocopter AS565 Panther. Specifications. A photo. France Sud Aviation / Aérospatiale AS 565 AS 565 Panther 1984 compare
Sikorsky S-70 USA Sikorsky S-70 - 1974 compare
AgustaWestland AW149 Italy AgustaWestland AW 149 - 2009 compare
Sikorsky HH-60 Pave Hawk USA Sikorsky HH-60 HH-60 Pave Hawk 1981 compare
Boeing AH-64 Apache USA Boeing AH-64 Apache - 1975 compare
Ka-29 the USSR Kamov Ka-29 Ka-29 1976 compare
Ka-27 the USSR Kamov Ka-27 Ka-27 1973 compare
Ka-25 the USSR Kamov Ka-25 Ka-25 1961 compare
Ka-60 Swallow Russia Kamov Ka-60 Ka-60 1998 compare
Mi-35 the USSR Mil Mi-35 - 1976 compare
Mi-35M Russia Mil Mi-35M - 1998 compare
Mi-28 Russia Mil Mi-28 Mi-28N 1996 compare
Mi-14 the USSR Mil Mi-14 Mi-14 1976 compare



Compare martial (military) helicopters

The role of military helicopters in support of ground troops on the battlefield with significant increases over time. This is true not only because they carry troops to the battlefield, but also provide an effective confrontation with the tanks.

If you come to us to make a comparison of combat helicopters, it can be done in just a few clicks. All information on specific helicopters will be presented in the table. At the same time, you can compare the four models, which saves a lot of time, which would have gone to independent information search.

Despite the fact that the helicopters speed less than the speed of the aircraft, they combine the ability to "hover" and high maneuverability, which opened to them a lot of opportunities in the battle. The first post-war helicopter gunships were used for simple experiments with machine guns, anti-submarine weapons, missiles "air-ground". The payload was limited to only piston engine - it was impossible to carry a lot of weapons for a long time and at a great distance.

An effective solution was the transition to a gas turbine engine, reducing airframe weight, increased reliability, available power and safety. Failure of one motor only slightly deteriorates its characteristics.

Regular improvement of gas turbine engines, construction materials, construction equipment and avionics led to the creation of new generation helicopters that are capable of destroying other people's armored vehicles and machines, safely fly in various weather conditions while remaining invulnerable or invisible to the enemy. Previously considered the most vulnerable helicopter air unit, today it is very difficult to shoot it down.

Its obvious advantages - good mobility and small size. Military helicopters can act elusive goals. Some of the models can engage targets while remaining behind the natural cover. These targeting systems are found in military helicopters more often.

As you can see, helicopter gunships occupy an important place in the system of the armed forces and the national economy, adequately fulfill their military tasks. The famous Soviet scientist and designer ML Mile argued that our country itself, as it were "designed" for helicopters. Without these air vehicles unthinkable development impenetrable and vast spaces of Siberia and the Far North and the Far East. They are indispensable in the performance of many military operations. The lives of thousands of our soldiers have rescued war "pinwheel" in Afghanistan.

Meaning of military helicopters is so great that even gave grounds to BN Yuriev (one of the founders of the helicopter) to say that our country is "the birthplace of the helicopters." It is certainly too categorical, but still domestic helicopter pilots really have something to be proud of. This school works NE Zhukovsky and impressive flights TsAGI 1-AE in the prewar period, records helicopters Mi-6, 4-Mi, Mi-12, 24-Mi and truly unique family of Ka, Ka-modern Mi-32 and 26 etc .

Nowadays, the improvement of the quality characteristics of this type of equipment continues. And you can compare several models in this section by performing simple steps. We offer a comparison of combat capabilities and other characteristics in just a few clicks that will not cause any difficulties.