Looting continues. Control over New York is lost.

Spent the night in New York immediately after the introduction of curfews. It sounds scary, but nothing really has changed. The police do not control the city, rarely intervening and actually just watching what is happening. Flocks of marauders walk around the city and carry everything around. Now only they have moved north, to the area of ​​Fifth and Madison Avenue, where there are a huge number of expensive shops.


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all of this will end like more than 100 years ago - they will drive the ships and bang. Will get usem.

Profit society.

Profit Society Law:

In a society of profit, with an increase in the level of development of productive forces, the costs of maintaining existing ownership relations increase at an accelerated rate.

One of the manifestations is the loss of police control and robberies. You need a lot of policemen.

About Kovid forgot to mention ..

The force of action is equal to the strength of reaction. They have long needed a shake-up in the form of a civil war!

After the unfolding world propaganda "the lives of blacks matter" (excuse me - can I say "black"? - nothing will happen?)

Gangster hunters urgently needed

I want to go to New York!

Minnesota, Maidan, Ukraine, Biden.
Who else on trump?

How to live there? Come to Russia. It's calm here.



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