The newest drone Boeing, claiming to be the plane of the sixth generation


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NATO's military budget is more than Russian 20 times. They hope for a VERY quick war. If it drags on, then the chances of Russia will increase dramatically, as the satellites swoop in and drown out the electronics and the Khan to all Amerovsky electronic warriors. And then only infantry and artillery with tanks.

Russia has again been cut by its "free" drone. And this, it seems, can actually be a breakthrough. For 10 000 cu to make a low-speed bomb with any type of explosive weighing up to 5 kg - it is impossible for the Americans. not focused on finding solutions in the absence of funds. The mentality, however. Glory to Rosii., Not its ghouls rulers.

and a plane with a radar next to it with a beat and I think where they will fly and yes yes, the United States hopes for zhpc and we are with 500