Why do stewardesses keep their hands behind their back when they meet passengers?


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Russian stewardesses behind their backs hold a bat with a baseball just in case, and Che keep others, I do not know

Because very many incoming pax instinctively want to say hello to the hand. Hands do not see - and do not hold their own. Everything is very simple.

In hands - the counter. Passenger-pressing the buttons. To count incoming passengers, without being distracted by figures, but sincerely to smile at you. Pay attention to you, not the account. And at the same time count.

Counts how much has passed

Previously, this was not. They were smiling, and the smile was the face of the ship. There was a rigid selection for photogenic. Now they take someone horrible. So they decided to switch all attention to the chest. Hands behind your back - your chest is bulging, the skirt is shorter - and you can pick up ticket prices))))

The matches are short and long in the jaws.

Behind the flight attendants are holding an ultrasonic machine, in the event of an attack by terrorists



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