Preparation of the Su-57 fighter for the Victory Parade


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I do not advise the West to check the power of Russia, this is a lot of huge losses in military power and technology, then it will be too late.

who will come to us with a sword ... then he will receive a Dagger-Stiletto-Bulava!

100 km radius from Moscow. Everything else is either genocidal or stolen. Sitting there would be neutral and you would be treated normally.

From Odessa to Kharkov, the Russian land was given to you by her communes, and you pushed to the Americans. Would behave neutrally and everything would be alright

First stolen verni. Then pay damages and apologize. But I personally think that nothing will help. Everybody has already seen who you are.

Russia is not going to threaten anyone. We need armament in order that other states do not have a desire to check our military power. But if anyone dares, he will regret it. Guys let's be friends!!! We have something to respond to any aggression. Any aggressor will not seem a little.



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