Airports in Australia and Oceania

Airlines Australia

Despite the fact that the airline industry is still very young over the years, it already has a huge number of airports that are scattered around the world. Below you see the full list of airports in Australia and Oceania. Also, you can see the information and the description of a particular airport.

Airports in Australia and Oceania arranged in alphabetical order. A, B .... I.

Adelaide (Adelaide Airport) Auckland (Auckland Airport)
Apia Apia (Apia Faleolo International Airport)
Brisbane (Brisbane Airport) Bora Bora (Bora Bora Airport)
Canberra (Canberra Airport) Cairns (Cairns Airport)
Sunshine Coast (Sunshine Coast Airport) Christchurch (Christchurch International Airport)
Chatham Island (Chatham Island Airport)
Darwin (Darwin International Airport) City Dubbo (Dubbo City Airport)
Fuaamotu (Fua'amotu International Airport) The atoll of Funafuti (Funafuti Atoll International Airport)
Guam Antonio B.VonPat (Guam Antonio B.Won Pat International Airport)
Hobart (Hobart International Airport) Hamilton (Hamilton International Airport)
Honiara (Honiara International Airport)
Roman Tmetuchl Koror (Koror Roman Tmetuchl International Airport)
Mount Isa (Mount Isa Airport) Mount Gambier (Mount Gambier Airport)
Melbourne (Melbourne Airport) Melbourne Essendon (Melbourne Essendon Airport)
Majuro, Marshall Islands (Majuro Marshall Islands International Airport) Madang (Madang Airport)
Mata-Utu Wallis Island (Mata Utu Wallis Island Airport)
Norfolk Island (Norfolk Island International Airport) Newcastle Williamtown (Newcastle Williamtown Airport)
Nauru (Nauru International Airport) Niue Niue (Niue International Airport)
Napier Hawkes Bay (Napier Hawke's Bay Airport) Nelson (Nelson Airport)
New Plymouth (New Plymouth Airport) Noumea La Tontouta (Noumea La Tontouta International Airport)
Magenta Noumea (Noumea Magenta Airport) Naindi (Nadi International Airport)
Nausori (Nausori Airport)
Perth (Perth Airport) Pago Pago (Pago Pago International Airport)
Baueerfild Port Vila (Port Vila Bauerfield International Airport) Port Moresby Jackson (Port Moresby Jacksons International Airport)
Papeete Faa (Papeete Faa'a International Airport)
Rarotonga (Rarotonga International Airport)
Sydney (Sydney Airport) Santo Pekoa (Santo Pekoa International Airport)
Saipan (Saipan International Airport)
Townsville (Townsville Airport) Bonriki International Airport Tarawa (Tarawa Bonriki International Airport)
Tauranga (Tauranga Airport) Tabubil (Tabubil Airport)
Yap (Yap International Airport)
Vava'u (Vava'u International Airport)
Wanaka (Wanaka Airport) Wellington (Wellington International Airport)

Today, on the territory of Australia and Oceania in virtually every country there are airports, hourly serving the people living in it and not only.

Modern design, exterior and interior, the buildings themselves pleases people there. At some airports, a fountain in the middle of the hall makes an incredible impression, especially if there is winter, wind, snow outside the windows, and here a light, soothing murmur of clear water.

Most of them are modern, beautiful specialized buildings, with all the comforts inside and out, ready to receive a certain number of winged cars. Smooth, virtually mirrored, runways, bright landing lights, create prosperous conditions for both takeoffs and landings.

Many airlines here offer their services to all who wish to use this means of transportation. The runways are filled with a color palette and symbolism representing them.

Electronic scoreboard to help navigate between flights, bright large letters that read in the far distance. At any time it is possible to see the necessary information for passengers is duplicated to the same voice announcements.

Comfortable chairs, waiting areas, pavilions with various products, souvenirs, rooms equipped with televisions, mini-cinemas, cafeterias and restaurants with small bakeries. Recreation areas, mother and child room, VIP area, elevators and escalators, finally. And, of course, wireless Internet in the radius of the airport. They have everything for a comfortable stay of a person.

Airports today are a lifetime, with their infrastructure, problems and an endless stream of people. They resemble a small city that does not cease to live day or night. Passenger traffic at airports in Australia and Oceania is increasing every year.