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Flights Moscow - Split


How to use e-ticket RњRѕSЃRєRІR ° - RЎRїR "Roes,?

RќRμRєRѕS,RѕSЂS <Rμ RїSЂRѕRіSЂRμSЃSЃRёRІRЅS <Rμ P "SЋRґRё With ... RѕSЂRѕS € neous PS P · RЅR ° SЋS, C ‡ S,Rѕ P · RЅR ° C ‡ Roes, SЌR" RμRєS,SЂRѕRЅRЅS <R№ ° F RІRёR ° F ± Röhr "RμS,. RќR ° SЃRμRіRѕRґRЅSЏS € RЅRёR№ RґRμRЅSЊ SЌS,Rѕ SѓRґRѕR ± RЅS <R№ Ryo RєRѕRјS "RѕSЂS,RЅS <R№ C" RѕSЂRјR ° C ± RїSЂRёRѕR SЂRμS,RμRЅRёSЏ ° F ° F ± RІRёR Röhr "RμS,R °. RўR RєSѓSЋ ° C "RѕSЂRјSѓ From € RёSЂRѕRєRѕ RІRЅRμRґSЂSЏSЋS, RІSЃRμ RїRѕRїSѓR" SЏSЂRЅS <Rμ RјRёSЂRѕRІS <Rμ ° F RІRёR ° C ‡ · RїRμSЂRμRІRѕR RёRєRё.

As is known, electronic ticket technology first appeared in the US in 90-ies of XX century. It is currently used in many countries. And, more recently, in general, all members of the International Air Transport Association must use a form of tickets.


RћRїRёSЃR ° RЅRёRμ: RђRІRёR ° F ± Röhr "RμS,S <RњRѕSЃRєRІR ° - RЎRїR" Roes,

Once the electronic ticket has become legitimate, it is actively used by the airlines. First, to introduce e-tickets and started SkyExpress «S7 Siberia", and soon joined the others. Now, electronic tickets are used by almost all airlines.

So, what is an electronic ticket?

Electronic tickets on the plane - an alternative to the normal Form. Booking a flight is carried out by the standard method, but the information that is displayed on the ticket, on the form will not be displayed and stored in company databases. Just as the traditional air ticket, virtual flights are the most important documents confirming the agreement of the airline and the passenger. Passengers can purchase electronic tickets without leaving your home. E-ticket can not be lost, absent-mindedly throw after a flight or a coffee stain.

Advantages of an electronic ticket Moscow - Split.

First of all it is worth noting that the electronic format of the ticket can save you time. You do not have to go somewhere, to stand in line. You can simply buy a ticket online, using our web resource avia.pro.
R'RёSЂS,SѓR ° F "SЊRЅS <R№ ° F ° F ± RІRёR Röhr" RμS, C ... SЂR RЅRёS,SЃSЏ PI ° F ± R ° R · C · Rμ RїRμSЂRμRІRѕR RёRєR ‡ °, P ° P ° · RЅR C ‡ Roes, Sѓ P'P ° SЃ RЅRμS, RїRѕRІRѕRґR ° RґR "SЏ RІRѕR" RЅRμRЅRёSЏ C ‡ ± R S,Rѕ Röhr "RμS, RєSѓRґR ° -S,Rѕ RїSЂRѕRїR ° RґRμS,.

It should be remembered, and that to buy an electronic ticket you can from anywhere, just need access to the Internet. By the way, some of the property has been repeatedly saved. For example, you can purchase a ticket for my mother, located somewhere far away, and not worry about the transfer of her funds. Today, a person simply need to catch a plane.

Electronic tickets are cheaper compared to traditional, as the cost of the latter include the value of the form.
P 'S,RѕRј SЃR "SѓS ‡ ° F Rμ, RμSЃR" Ryo R'S <P "RμS,R ° RμS,Rμ RЅR ° F" RμRіRєRμ Ryo RїSЂRμRґRїRѕS ‡ ° RёS,R RμS,Rμ SЃRёRґRμS,SЊ PI RїSЏS, RЅR RґS † ° F ° S,RѕRј SЂSЏRґSѓ, SЃRїSЂR ° RІR Sѓ Röhr ° "P" ° SЋRјRёRЅR S,RѕSЂR °, RЅRμRІR · RёSЂR SЏ RЅR ° ° ° RјR SЂRєSѓ SЃR RјRѕR ° "° RμS,R, RѕS,RґRμR" SЊRЅS <P Rμ RІRёR ° ° ° RєRѕRјRїR RЅRёRё PI RґRѕRїRѕR "RЅRμRЅRёRμ Rє ° F ° F ± RІRёR Röhr" RμS,Sѓ RїSЂRμRґR "P ° ° RіR SЋS, RїR SЃSЃR ° ° ° R¶RёSЂR Rј SЂRμRіRёSЃS,SЂR ° C † RёSЋ RѕRЅR "P ° R№RЅ, RєRѕS,RѕSЂR ° SЏ RѕS,RєSЂS <S,R ° R · R ° C ‡ 24 ° F ° SЃR RґRѕ RІS <P" RμS,R °, P ° RЅRμ P · P ° RґRІR -S,SЂRё ° C ‡ R ° C ° F, ° RєR Rє SЌS,Rѕ P ± C <RІR ° RμS, PI ° F SЌSЂRѕRїRѕSЂS,Sѓ.

How should I use an electronic ticket?

Often travelers, having received a receipt in their hands, are surprised by its appearance, since it is nothing more than an ordinary paper sheet with printed flight data. However, this is a full-fledged document-agreement between the traveler and the air carrier, which saves time and money. To a person, in order to fly off a scheduled flight, you just need to show the itinerary-receipt and passport for registration, similar to the situation with an ordinary ticket. Moreover, sometimes it takes much less time to register. The fact is that with the help of an electronic ticket, you can complete the registration in separate kiosks or on the website of the air carrier.




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