African airlines


African airlines

So all African airlines as follows:






Air Algeria (Air Algerie)


Air Gemini (Air Gemini)


Air Botswana (Air Botswana)


Air Burkina (Air Burkina)


Air Burundi (Air Burundi)


EyrServis Gabon (Air Service Gabon)


Air GvineyaEkspress (Air Guinee Express)


Air ArabiyaEdzhipt (AirArabia Egypt)


Air Cairo (Air Cairo)


Air Memphis (Air Memphis)


EyEmSi Airlines (AMC Airlines)


Air Zimbabwe (Air Zimbabwe)


AfrikanEkspress Airways (African Express Airways)


Eyrkeniya (Airkenya)


AeroService (Aero Service)


Tropics Air (Air Tropiques)


African Airways (Afriqiyah Airways) 


Air Ivory Coast (Air Coted'Ivoire)


Air Libya (Air Libiya)


Air Mauritius (Air Mauritius) 


Air Madagascar (Air Madagascar)


Air Malawi 


Air Mali (Air Mali) 


Air Arabia Marco (Air Arabia Maroc) 


Blue Atlas (Atlas Blue)


Air Namibia (Air Namibia) 


Aerokontraktors (Aerocontractors)


Air Nigeria 


Arik Air (Arik Air) 


Air Austral (Air Austral) 


Air Seychelles (Air Seychelles) 


Air West (Air West) 


Air Tanzania (Air Tanzania) 


Eyskai (Asky) 


Airlink (Airlink) 












GolfEyr Benin (Benin Golf Air)


Business Aviation (Business Aviation)


Barack Air (Buraq Air) 


Bellevue Airlines (Bellview Airlines)










Kameyr-Ko (Camair Co)


Comores Aviation 


CAA (Compagnie Africaine D'Aviation) 


Chanchangi Airlines (Chanchangi Airlines)


Cronus Airlines (Cronos Airlines)












Air Djibouti (Djibouti Air)


Airlines Djibouti (Djibouti Airlines)


Dornier Aviation Nigeria (Dornier Aviation Nigeria) 












Idzhipteyr (Egyptair)


Idzhipteyr Express (Egyptair Express)


Eagle Air (Eagle Air) 


IstAfrikan Airlines (East African Airlines)


EGA (EGA-Ecuato Guineanade Aviacion)


Eritrean Airlines (Eritrean Airlines) 


Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian Airlines) 












Flay540Angola (Fly 540 Angola)


Flay540 (Fly 540)


Feeder Airlines 


Fastjet (Fastjet) 


Federal Air (Federal Air)












Airlines Gabon (Gabon Airlines)


Bird Gambia (Gambia Bird)


InterneshnlEyrlaynz Ghana (Ghana International Airlines)












Hewa Bora Airways 












InterAir (Inter Air) 












Jet Express (Jet Express)


Dzhetfoyu (Jet4you)










KoralBlu (Koral Blue)


Kenya Airways (Kenya Airways)


Kin Avia (Kin Avia) 


Corongo Airlines (Korongo Airlines) 


Cabo Air 


Cartago Airlines (Karthago Airlines)


Kulula.kom (












Air Lotus (Lotus Air)


Libyan Airlines (Libyan Airlines) 


Mozambique LAM (Linhas Aereasde Mosambique-LAM)












Midwest Airlines (Midwest Airlines)


Moorish International Airlines (Mauritania Airlines International)


Mozambique Express (Mocambique Expresso)


Mid Airlines 


Mango (Mango) 












Nesma Airlines (Nesma Airlines)


Neil Eyre (Nile Air)


Nouvelair Tunisie (Nouvelair Tunisie) 


National Airways 


Neychelink Charters (Naturelink Charters)


North Air (Norse Air) 










Overland Airways 












Petroleum Air Services (Petroleum Air Services)












Regional AirLines (Regional AirLines) 


Royal Air Maroc 


Royal Air Maroc Express 


Rwandair (R wandair) 


Regional Air Services (Regional Air Services) 












Soneyr (Sonair)


SlokEyr International (Slok Air International)


SanEyr (Sun Air)


Swift Air (Swift Air) 


EsTiPi Airways (STP Airways)


Svazilend Eyrlink (Swaziland Airlink)


Senegalese airline (Senegal Airlines)


Sunu Air 


Sudan Airways 


Safari Plus (Safari Plus) 


Seveneyr (Sevenair)


Sifaks Airlines (Syphax Airlines)


Star Equatorial Airlines (Star Equatorial Airlines) 


SSS Express (SA Express) 




SauzAfrikanEyrveyz (South African Airways)










Tassili Airlines (Tassili Airlines)


TAAG-Angola Airlines (TAAG-Angola Airlines)




TransAir Congo (Trans Air Congo) 


Air Tiko (Tiko Air)


Tuniseyr (Tunisair)


Tunisavia (Tunisavia)












Vikfolz Airways (Vicfaals Airways)












Wimbi Dira Airways 












Zambezi Airlines (Zambezi Airlines)












Van Time Airline (1 Time Airline)




The current state of air traffic in Africa is well developed: only Egypt and the Republic of South Africa have 13 major airlines. All of them provide both local air traffic and air travel to other countries.

On the territory of the African region of Africa, the emergence of the first airlines took place in the middle of the last century, since that time the entire aviation structure of this continent has been actively developing. African air lines now have communication with almost all countries in the world: located in the neighborhood and quite remote. OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) alone handles over 20 million passengers annually.

The total number of airlines in Africa is constantly growing. They differ in aircraft fleet and passenger service class. In accordance with rough estimates, almost 58 billion people live in 1 countries and territories of Africa.


African airlines 1

airlines in countries Africa Now they are booming (especially since many African states were sovereign before 1961 was announced, African aviation had no prospects for development), and new airlines are founded every year to make flights more comfortable and cheaper.

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