Airlines in Australia and Oceania


Airlines Australia

So, below are all Airlines Australia and Oceania:





Aeropelikan Air Services (Aeropelican Air Services)

Air Link (Air Link) 



Eyrkruzing Australia (Aircruising Australia)

Airnorth (Airnorth) 



ElaensEyrlaynz (Alliance Airlines)

South Air (Air South)



Air Vanuatu (Air Vanuatu)

Air Kiribati (Air Kiribati)



Air Rarotonga (Air Rarotonga)

Air Marshall Islands (Air Marshall Islands)



Air Chatemz (Air Chathams)

National Air (Air National)



Air Nelson (Air Nelson)

Air New Zealand (Air New Zealand)



Espayring Eyre (Aspiring Air)

Air Caledonia (Air Caledonie) 



Eyrkalin (Aircalin Air Caledonie International)

Air Nyudzhini (Air Niugini)



Airlines of Papua New Guinea s (Airlines of Papua New Guinea)

Asia Pacific Airline (Asia Pasific Airline)



Air Pacific (Air Pacific)

The airline Air Moorea (Air Moorea)



The airline Air Tahiti (Air Tahiti)

The airline Air Tahiti Nuits (Air Tahiti Nui)











Brindabella Airlines (Brindabella Airlines)












Continental Micronesia (Continental Micronesia)












De Bruin Air (De Bruin Air)












Eastern Australia Airlines (Eastern Australia Airlines) 

Eagle Airways (Eagle Airways)











Fly Guam (Fly Guam)

Freedom Air (Freedom Air)











Inter Island Airways (Inter Island Airways)












Dzhetkonnekt (Jetconnect)












Mount Cook Airlines (Mount Cook Airlines)












National Jet Systems (National Jet Systems)

Norfolk Air



Network Aviation Ostrelia (Network Aviation Australia)












Auer Airline (Our Airline)












Polynesian Airlines (Polynesian Airlines)

Pacific Blue (Pacific Blue)



Polynesian Blue (Polynesian Blue)

San Pacific Airline (Pacific Sun)











Qantas Airways (Qantas Airways)












Regional Express (Regional Express)

Air Regional (Regional Air)



Regional Pacific Airlines (Regional Pacific Airlines)












Shkipperz Aviation (Skippers Aviation)

Skaytrens (Skytrans)



Sansteyt Airlines (Sunstate Airlines)

Skayvest Airlines (Skywest Airlines)



Solomon Airlines (Solomon Airlines)












Tiger Airways Ostralia (Tiger Airways Australia)












Wee Ostrelia (V Australia)

Airline Vincent Aviation (Vincent Aviation) 



Despite the fact that this region as Australia and Oceania has a small number of countries, as a rule, is characterized by its small size, the aircraft are developed well enough. This is due primarily to the fact that the distance between the island states is sufficiently large, and therefore convey of passenger water transport does not provide people with the necessary comfort and speed of movement.

Airlines Australia

In the region Australia and Oceania Light aircraft received the greatest distribution, since island states, as a rule, are not distinguished by large dimensions, and therefore the construction of large airports here has no practical meaning. In order to make a flight to another region, it is best to use the services airlines Australia and New ZealandAnd if the latter, there is only one, then Australia, there are more than 40.

The first flight to Australia was made in 1951 year, after which local airlines, providing services to both local and regional airlines, and international, differing both in their fleet and quality of services, found their beginning. Local airlines are very important for a continent like AustraliaSince it is due to flights, it is possible for a few hours to cover the distance between the western and eastern part of the continent.

As for the total Australia flights and Oceania, then taking into account even the smallest island states, their number has long exceeded the fifth dozen. As for the national airports in Oceania, they are located exclusively on the large islands, which can be reached by flying on the same planes of local airlines.

Fleet companies in Australia is continually updated, providing favorable conditions for flight passengers between cities and countries at very attractive prices.

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