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So all Asian airlines as follows:

Ariana Afghan Airlines (ArianaAfghanAirlines) Arkia-Israeli Airlines (Arkia Israeli Airlines)
Air India (Air India) Air India Express (Air India Express)
Air India Regional (Air India Regional) Aviastar (Aviastar)
Aria Air (Aria Air) Air China (Air China)
Air Macau (Air Macau) Air Koryo (Air Koryo)
Air Busan (Air Busan) Asiana Airlines (Asiana Airlines)
EyrAziya (Air Asia) Ex EyrAyzha (Air AsiaX)
Aero Mongolia (Aero Mongolia) Air Bagan (Air Bagan)
Air CBZ (Air KBZ) Air Mandalay (Air Mandalay)
Eyzhn Vingz Airways (Asian Wings Airways) Air Agni (Agni Air)
Aerovista (Aerovista) Air Arabia (Air Arabia)
Avec (AVEcom) Eyrblu (Airblue)
EyrAziya Philippines (AirAsia Philippines) Eyrfil Express (Airphil Express)
Doo Air (Air Do) Air Nippon (Air Nippon)
Air TRANSCEM (Air Transse) OllNippon Airways (All Nippon Airways)
Amakusa Airlines (Amakusa Airlines) ANA Wings (ANA Wings)
Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BimanBangladeshAirlines) Beijing Capital Airlines (Beijing Capita lAirlines)
Berjaya Air (Berjaya Air) Buddha Air (Buddha Air)
Bangkok Airways (Bangkok Airways) Business Air (Business Air)
Citylink (Citilink) Caspian Airlines (Caspian Airlines)
Cambodia Angkor Air (Cambodia Angkor Air) Cathay Pacific (Cathay Pacific)
Chang An Airlines (Chang An Airlines) Chengdu Airlines (Chengdu Airlines)
East China Airlines (China Eastern Airlines) ChaynaEkspress Airlines (China Express Airlines)
Chinese Southern Airlines (China Southern Airlines) ChaynaYunayted Airlines (China United Airlines)
ChaynaSinhua Airlines (China Xinhua Airlines) Airlines Chongqing (Chongqing Airlines)
ChamVingz Airlines (ChamWings Airlines) KristalTay Airlines (Crystal Thai Airlines)
China Airlines (China Airlines) Cebu Pacific Air (Cebu Pacific Air)
Drak Air (Druk Air) Deraya Air Tack (Deraya Air Taxi)
Airlines Dalian (Dalian Airlines) Dragoneyr (Dragonair)
Daallo Airlines (Daallo Airlines) Air Dolphin (Dolphin Air)
DestineyshnEyr Shuttle (Destination Air Shuttle) Daily Air (Daily Air)
El Al (ElAl) Air Express (Express Air)
Air Eram (Eram Air) Eastar Jet (Eastar Jet)
Eznis Airways (Eznis Airways) Eastern SkayDzhets (Eastern SkyJets)
Emirates (Emirates) Etihad Airways (Etihad Airways)
Eva Air (EvaAir)  
Felix Airways (Felix Airways) Firefly (Firefly)
Flaim (Fly Me) Flaydubay (Flydubai)
FudzhiDrim Airlines (Fuji Dream Airlines)  
DzhiEmDzhi Airlines (GMG Airlines) Gulf Air (Gulf Air)
Goueyr (Goair) Garuda Indonesia (Garuda Indonesia Airways)
GrandChayna Eyre (Grand China Air) Guizhou Airlines (Guizhou Airlines)
Gorkha Airlines (Gorkha Airlines)  
Hainan Airlines (Hainan Airlines) Hebei Airlines (Hebei Airlines)
Henan Airlines (HenanA irlines) Hong Kong Airlines (HongKong Airlines)
Hong Kong Express Airways (HongKongExpressAirways) Hun Eyre (Hunnu Air)
Happy Air (Happy Air) Hokkaido Air System (Hokkaido Air System)
Izreyr Airlines & TOURISM (Israir Airlines and Tourism) Indigo Airlines (IndiGo Airlines)
IndoneyziaEyr Transportation (Indonesia Air Transport-IAT) EyrAyzha Indonesia (Indonesia Air Asia)
Iraqi Airways (Iraqi Airways) Iran Air (Iran Air)
IranEyr Tours (Iran Air Tours) IranAzeman Airlines (Iran Aseman Airlines)
IranianEyr Transportation (Iranian Air Transport) Interaylend Airlines (Interisland Airlines)
Ibex Airlines (Ibex Airlines)  
Dzhetstar Pacific (Jetstar Pacific) Jet Airways (Jet Airways)
DzhetLayt (JetLite) Jordan Aviation (Jordan Aviation)
Joy Air (JoyAir) Dzhunyao Airlines (JuneyaoAirlines)
Jeju Air (Jeju Air) Jin Air (Jin Air)
Jazeera Airways (Jazeera Airways) Dzhetstar Asia (Jetstar Asia)
Jay-Air (J Air) JAL Express (JAL Express)
DzhapanEyr Kommyuter (Japan Air Commuter) Japanese airline JAL-(Japan Airlines-JAL)
The Japan TransoushnEyr (Japan Transocean Air)  
Kam Air (KamAir) Kartika Airlines (Kartika Airlines)
Kish Air (Kish Air) Kunming Airlines (KunmingAirlines)
Korean Air (Korean Air) Kuwaiti Airways (Kuwait Airways)
Lion Airlines (Lion Airlines) Lucky Air (LuckyAir)
Lao Airlines (Lao Airlines) Lao Central Airlines (Lao Central Airlines)
Mandala Airlines (Mandala Airlines) Merpati Nusantara (Merpati Nusantara)
Mahan Air (Mahan Air) Honey Airways (Med Airways)
Menadzhet (Menajet) MidlIst Airlines (Middle East Airlines)
Malaysia Airlines (Malaysia Airlines) Malindi Air (Malindo Air)
MASvingz (MA Swings) Maldiviana (Maldivian)
Maldivian EyrTaksi (Maldivian Air Taxi) MIAT Mongolian Airlines (MIAT-Mongolian Airlines)
Myanmar Airways (Myanma Airways) EyrveyzInterneshnl Myanmar (Myanma Airways International)
Mandarin Airlines (Mandarin Airlines) Mihin Lanka (Mihin Lanka)
Nepal Airlines (Nepal Airlines) US Air (NAS Air)
Nok Air (Nok Air) Nok Mini (Nok Mini)
NyuSentral EyrServis (New Central Air Service)  
Oman Air (Oman Air) OrientTay Airlines (Orient Thai Airlines)
OrientalEyr Bridge (Oriental Air Bridge)  
Pelit Air Service (Pelita Air Service) Peter Airlines (Petra Airlines)
Pakistan International Airlines (Pakistan International Airlines) Palestinian Airlines (Palestinian Airlines)
PiSi Eyre (PCAir) Phuket Air (Phuket Air)
Pasifikeyr (Pacificair) Philippine Airlines (Philippine Airlines)
Qatar Airways (Qatar Airways) Qingdao Airlines (QingdaoAirlines)
Regent Airways (RegentAirways) Royal Brunei Airlines (Royal Brunei Airlines)
Royal Jordanian Airlines (Royal Jordanian Airlines) Royal Vingz Airlines (Royal Wings Airlines)
Ruili Airlines (RuiliAirlines) RAK Airways (RAK Airways)
Royal Jet (Royal Jet) RyukyuEyr Kommyuter (Ryukyu Air Commuter)
Safi Airways (SafiAirways) Spice Jet (Spice Jet)
EsEmSi (Sabang Merauke Raya Air Charter-SMC) Sky Aviation (Sky Aviation)
Sriwijaya Airlines (Sriwijaya Airlines) Saha Airlines (Saha Airlines)
Shandong Airlines (ShandongAirlines) Shanghai Airlines (ShanghaiAirlines)
Shenzhen Airlines (ShenzhenAirlines) Sichuan Airlines (Sichuan Airlines)
Spring Airlines (Spring Airlines) Sita Air (Sita Air)
Shaheen Air International (Shaheen Air International) SaudiArabian Airlines (Saudi Arabian Airlines)
Scoot (Scoot) Silkeyr (Silkair)
Singapore Airlines (Singapore Airlines) Syrian Pearl (Syrian Pearl)
Sirianeyr (Syrian Air) Air Solar (Solar Air)
Sieyr (SEAIR-South EastAsian Airlines) Spirit of Manila Airlines PF (Spiritof Manila Airlines)
Of Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan Airlines) Skaymark Airlines (Skymark Airlines)
Solasid Eyre (Solaseed Air) The Japan SpringEyrlanz (Spring Airlines Japan)
Star Flyer (Star Flyer)  
TransNusa (Trans Nusa) Transvisata Prima Aviation (Transwisata Prima Aviation)
Trigana Air Service (Trigana Air Service) Taban Air (Taban Air)
TonlSap Airlines (Tonle Sap Airlines) Tianjin Airlines (Tianjin Airlines)
Tibet Airlines (Tibet Airlines) Tivey Airlines (T'way Airlines)
TransMaldivian Airways (Trans Maldivian Airways) Tiger Airways (Tiger Airways)
EyrAziya Thai (Thai AirAsia) Thai Airways (Thai Airways)
THAI Smile (THAI Smile) TransAsia Airways (Trans Asia Airways)
VitDzhetEyr (Viet Jet Air) Vietnam Air Service (Vietnam Air Services-VASCO)
Vietnam Airlines (Vietnam Airlines) Velyueyr (Valuair)
Vanilla Air   
Vingz Air (Wings Air) Air West (West Air)
United Airways (United Airways) United Aviation (United Aviation)
UNI Air (UNI Air)  
Xiamen Airlines (Xiamen Airlines)  
Yemen (Yemenia) Yangon Airways (Yangon Airways)
Yeti Airlines (Yeti Airlines)  
Lung Zhejiang Airlines (Zhejiang Loong Airlines) Zest Airways (Zest Airways)


The current state of air transportation in a region like Asia is quite well developed, for example, in China there are about 20 different airlines providing both international air travel and local air traffic.

The emergence of the first aviation companies in Asia started in the middle of the last century, and from that moment on, the entire aviation structure of the region began to develop actively. Asian air lines today connect almost all countries of the world: quite remote and located in the neighborhood. Dubai airport alone handles over 60 million passengers every year, which is approximately 150 thousand passengers who arrive and depart from this airport every day.

The total number of aviation companies in Asia is growing all the time, while they all differ in both the class of service and the fleet. According to rough estimates, Asia alone is home to half of the world's population, and almost 3.5 billion people.

Asian airlines are the most recognizable around the world: every 7 minutes, one of the planes assigned to this region lands and takes off at the airports of countries around the world.


Asian airlines

airlines Asia now they are developing by leaps and bounds, and almost every year new airlines appear to make the journey more comfortable.

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