North American Airlines


North American Airlines

So all North American airlines as follows:

Air Antilles Express (Air Antilles Express) Air Karibez (Air Caraibes)
Air line Sosa (Aerolineas Sosa) Atlantic Airlines de Honduras (Atlantic Airlines de Honduras)
Air Dominicana (Air Dominicana) Air Canada (Air Canada)
Jets Air Canada (Air CanadaJetz) Air Kribek (Air Creebec)
Air Georgian (Air Georgian) Air Inuit (Air Inuit)
Air Labrador (Air Labrador) Air Maykisyu (Air Mikisew)
Air North (Air North) Air Nunavut (Air Nunavut)
Flayts Alta (Alta Flights) Air Tindi (Air Tindi)
Air Transat (Air Transat) Aklak Eyre (Aklak Air)
Alberta Citylink (Alberta Citylink) Aerogaviota (Aerogaviota)
Charters Sanvest Arctic (Arctic Sunwest Charters) Karibean Aero (Aero Caribbean)
Aeromar (Aeromar) Aeromexico (Aeromexico)
Aeromexico Connect (Aeromexico Connect) Aeropasifiko (Aeropacifico)
Aviaksa (Aviacsa) Aviokvintana (Avioquintana)
Alledzhiant Eyre (Allegiant Air) Atlantic Airlines (Atlantic Airlines)
Aeroperlas (Aeroperlas) Air Panama (Air Panama)
Air Saint-Pierre (Air Saint-Pierre) Air Sunshine (Air Sunshine)
Air Wisconsin (Air Wisconsin) Alaska Airlines (Alaska Airlines)
Alaska Seaplane Service (Alaska Seaplane Service) American Eagle Airlines (American Eagle Airlines)
Seckl Arctic Air Service (Arctic Circle Air Service) Sauzist Atlantic Airlines (Atlantic Southeast Airlines)
US Air Lines (American Airlines) Air Turks & Caicos (Air Turks and Caicos)
Air Jamaica (Air Jamaica)  
Bagamaseyr (Bahamasair) Bearskin Airlines (Bearskin Airlines)
Baltia Air Lines (Baltia Air Lines) Bering Air (Bering Air)
Cayman Airways (Cayman Airways) Kam Air (Calm Air)
Central Mountain Air (Central Mountain Air) Canadian North (Canadian North)
Can Jet (Can Jet) Kubanade Aviación (Cubanade Aviacion)
Copa Airlines (Copa Airlines) Cape Air (Cape Air)
Choksi Ocean Airways (Chalk's Ocean Airways) Chatakyua Airlines (Chautauqua Airlines)
Colgan Air (Colgan Air) Comair
Commut Air Compass Airlines
Caribbean Airlines (Caribbean Air Lines)  
Dutch Antilz Express (Dutch Antilles Express-DAE) Delta Air Lines
Enerdzhet (Enerjet) Era Aviation
Executive Airlines Express Jet
Air Fest (First Air) Fleyr Airlines (Flair Airlines)
Fly Mex (FlyMex) Freedom Airlines
Frontier Airlines  
Global Air (Global Air) Go!
Go Jet Airlines (Go Jet Airlines) Grand Canyon Airlines (Grand Canyon Airlines)
Great Lakes Airlines (Great Lakes Airlines)  
Ayr Harbour (Harbour Air) Hokeyr Aviation SERVICES (Hawkair Aviation Services)
Hageland Aviation SERVICES (Hageland Aviation Services) Hawaiian Air Lines (Hawaiian Airlines)
Horizon Air (Horizon Air)  
Insel Air (Insel Air) Islena Airlines (Islena Airlines)
Interdzhet (Interjet) Island Air (Island Air)
Island Airlines (Island Airlines)
Jazz Air (Jazz Air) Jet Blue Airways (JetBlue Airways)
Jamaica Air Shuttle (Jamaica Air Shuttle)  
KD Air (KD Air) Kenn Borek Air
Kivalliq Air Kenmore Air (Kenmore Air)
Key Lime Air (Key Lime Air)  
LIAT (LIAT) LAX (LACSA-Lineas Aereas Costarricenses)
La Costa (La Costena) Lab Flying Service (Lab Flying Service)
Lynx Aviation (Lynx Aviation)  
Maya Island Air (Maya Island Air) Magnicharterz (Magnicharters)
Mayyaeyr (MAYAir) Mesa Airlines
Mesaba Airlines Miami Air International
Midwest Connect Mokulele Airlines
Nakina Air Services Nolinor Aviation
Northwestern Air North Wright Airways
Neychereyr (Natureair) New England Airlines
New Mexico Airlines North American Airlines
Omni Air Intrenational  
Pacific Coastal Airlines Perimeter Airlines
Porter Airlines Pronto Airways
Provincial Airlines Pacific Wings 
Penair (Peneyr) Phoenix Air (Phoenix Air)
Piedmont Airlines (Piedmont Airlines) Pinnacle Airlines (Pinekl Airlines)
Primaris Airlines (Praymeris Airlines) PSA Airlines (Airline Pi Es Hey Airlines)
Jet RED (RED jet) Regional 1 Airlines
Republic Airlines (Ripablik Airlines)  
Sky Bahamas (Sky Bahamas) Southern Air Charter (Southern Air Charter)
Professional Aviaservice (Servicios Aereos Profesionales) Sky Regional Airlines
Sonikblu Airways (Sonicblue Airways) Sanving Airlines (Sunwing Airlines)
Saens (Sansa) September Kommyuter Barth (St Barth Commuter)
Salmon Air (Salmon Air) Scenic Airlines (Scenic Airlines)
Seaborne Airlines (Seaborn Airlines) Sea Port Airlines (Sea Port Airlines)
Servant Air (Air Sideboard) Shuttle America (Shuttle America)
Sierra Pacific Airlines (Sierra Pacific Airlines) Silver Airways (Silver Airways)
Sky King (Sky King) Sky West Airlines (Sky West Airlines)
Southwest Airlines (Sauzvest Airlines) Spirit Airlines (Spirit Airlines)
Sun Country Airlines (San Country Airlines) Sky King Airlines (Sky King Airlines)
Trans Island Air 2000 (Trans Island Air 2000) Tropic Air (Tropic Air)
Trans Capital Air (Trans Capital Air) Air transvestite (Transwest Air)
TAKA International Airlines (TACA International Airlines) Trans States Airlines (Trans Steyts Airlines)
United Airlines (United Airlines) US Airways (JUS Airways)
US Airways Shuttle (JUS Airways Shuttle) USA3000Airlines («YuECEy 3000 Airlines)
Voyager Airways (Voyageur Airways) Aerobas Viva (Viva Aerobus)
Volaris (Volaris) Vieques Air Link (Vieques Air Link)
Virgin America (Virgin America) Vision Air (Vision Air)
Vineyr (Winair) Vasaya Airways (Wasaya Airways)
West Coast Air (West Coast Air) West Jet Airlines (West Jet Airlines)
West Jet Encore (West Jet Encore) Warbelows Air (Air Varbelouz)
Wings Air (Air Vingz) Wings of Alaska (Wings of Alaska)
World Airways (Verld Airways) Wright Air Service (Wright Air Service)
Xtra Airways (Extra Airways)  


North America, in general, is the birthplace of aviation. It is not surprising that there is the most advanced aviation infrastructure and, consequently, the largest and most prestigious airlines. Americans prefer other modes of transport planes.

Air North America developed better than any other in the United States alone about America 105 major airlines (not counting small charter), which supply the local air service and flights to other countries.

Education in North America first aircraft companies accounted for at the beginning of the last century. Since ODA is performed actively razvitievsey aviation structures. North American Air Lines flights are currently in the post all over the world as the New and Old World. Only airport Atlanta (GA) annually serves more than 92 million passengers, which is about kotoyry 150 thousand passengers each day arrive and depart from the airport.

The total number of aviation companies in North America is constantly increasing, they all differ in their class of passenger service and fleet. There is nothing to be surprised at, since according to rough estimates, about 500 million people live in North America.


North American airlines 2

North American Airlines Now ochent booming. Every year, formed a new airline, whose purpose - to make the journey as comfortable as possible from one point to another planet.


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