Airlines CIS

Airlines CIS

So all CIS airlines as follows:


Azerbaijan Airlines-AZAL (Azerbaijan Airlines-AZAL)

Air Armenia (Air Armenia)

InterneshnlEyrlayn Ararat (Ararat International Airline)

Air Caucasus (Air Caucasus)

Air Astana (Air Astana)

MEGA (Aircompany MEGA)

Air Zhaynar (Avia Jaynar)

Air Bishkek (Air Bishkek)

Avia Traffic Company (Avia Traffic Company)

Air Moldova (Air Moldova)

Aero Charter

Aerostar (Aerostar)

AeroSvit (Aero Svit)

Air Onix (Air Onix)

Urga (Air Urga)

Rusair Ukraine (Atlasjet Ukraine)

Aviatrans K (Aviatrans K)


Belavia-Belarusian Airlines (Belavia-Belarusian Airlines)

Air Beck (Bek Air)

Berkut Air (Berkut Air)

Business Aviation Center


Challenge Aero (Challenge Aero)

Constanta (Constanta Airline)

Crimean Dawns (Crimean Sunrises)


Dniproavia (Dniproavia)

Donbassaero (Donbassaero)


Euro-Asia Air (Euro Asia Air)

Excellent Glide

East Air (East Air)


Giorgia Fly (Fly Georgia)


Georgian Airlines (Georgian Airways)


Irtysh Avia (Irtysh Air)

Ilyich-Avia (Ilyich Avia)


Transavia Kyrgyz (Kyrgyz Trans Avia)

Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan)

Kharkov (Kharkiv Airlines)

Khors (Khors Aircompany)


Moldavian Airlines (Moldavian Airlines)

Mars RK

Moto Sich Airlines


Osh Avia (Osh Avia)


Asia Pegasus (Pegasus Asia)



Semeyavia (Semeyavia)

Somon Air


Turan Air (Turan Air)

Tajik Air

Turkmenistan Airlines


Ukraine International Airlines

Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines (UMAir)

UTair Ukraine (UTair Ukraine)


Vega (Vega Air Company)


Wind Rose (Windrose)

Wizz Air Ukraine


Ian Eyre (Yan Air)

Yuzmashavia (Yuzhmashavia)


Zhetysu (Zhetysu)

Zhezkazgan Air (Zhezkazgan Air)

CIS flag

The current state of air transportation in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is more than finely developed, only Ukraine has 26 of major airlines that provide both local air traffic and international air travel.

The emergence of the first aviation companies in the CIS falls on the heyday of the Soviet aircraft industry — the post-war period of the Khrushchev Thaw, and it was from this period that the entire aviation structure began to actively develop here. At the moment, the air lines of the Commonwealth of Independent States have communication with almost all countries of the world, including both closely spaced and fairly distant ones. At the Boryspil International Airport (Kiev) alone, about 9 million passengers are served annually.

The total number of aviation companies of the Commonwealth of Independent States is constantly increasing, and they all differ not only in the class of passenger service, but also in their own aviation fleet. And this is understandable, since according to approximate estimates in 12 countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, almost 300 millions of people live.

Currently, aviation companies in the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States are developing very rapidly (especially since after the collapse of the Soviet Union, some of the post-Soviet countries still have production facilities and a large fleet accumulated during the Cold War era), and almost every year new aviation companies appear to make the flight from one point of the Earth to another most comfortable.