07-second changes course (2007).
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07-second changes course (2007).

07-second changes course (2007).


  • Country Russia.
  • Directed by Vladimir Potapov.
  • Starring: Sergey Makhovikov, Anna Taratorkina, Sergey Batalov, Dmitry Mulyar



Russian military industry experts have created a special device by which the aircraft can remain invisible to radar. The crew of the aircraft - two pilots and lёtchitse-ispytatelnitse, which is the inventor of this mysterious device requested to check the development of the military in action.



To test the aircraft in conditions close to the fighting, the government conducts joint exercises with NATO over the Atlantic Ocean, which in turn is under no leaks. However, the terrorist group decides to rip all the previously-laid plans and take the plane with secret military development. Now the crew of the aircraft must rely only on their own, because to prevent terrorists from hijacking - this is an important primary goal, which is to perform military pilots are obliged to.



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