12 of July - World Day Flight Attendant
12 of July - World Day Flight Attendant

12 of July - World Day Flight Attendant


The simple story of a flight attendant.

  Even now, to the question about the future profession, a little girl can answer - a flight attendant.


12 of July - World Day Flight Attendant

And earlier, at the dawn of aviation development, it was the most popular and most unattainable dream of many girls and girls! Although the first stewards were men. Their duties included assistance to the passenger during the landing and disembarkation of the aircraft. And service them during the flight. Then they were recruited from the waiters of fashionable restaurants. And they had nothing to do with technology. Already on the Zeppelin airships were specially trained specialists in the crew, to help passengers in accommodation and to create comfort. 

With the rapid growth of aviation, and in particular, civilian, the question of the need for an assistant pilot, a steward who deals only with passengers, their safety, provides medical assistance, generally tries so that exacting, capricious and inquisitive passengers do not interfere. to the pilot. 

So the steward became the first man invited companies Lufthansa in 1928 year. He was flying on an airplane Junkers F-13, with four passengers on board.


12 of July - World Day Flight Attendant


In 1930, the US transport company Boeing Air Transport (United Airlines) Interested in the experience of German colleagues, and decided to create a similar service on their lines. It helped a lot Ellen Church, a nurse from San Francisco. She took private flying lessons. And at the end of the courses came to the manager of Boeing with the request to take it at the service of the pilot. On received a proposal to assemble and lead a small detachment of the first women nurses for stewardesses - flight attendants on airlines. The company's management made the right bet.

The fact that, in those, the aircraft, passenger matter were not only new, but also very dangerous. A presence on board, flight, fragile pretty girl, as a member of the crew, reassuring even the most nervous and fearful passengers. And the main profession Ellen flight could come in handy. Low altitude flights led to strong turbulence in the surface currents of the wind. Few tolerated such a test. Here then was useful preparation Ellen Church as nurses.


12 July - Global Day Flight Attendant 2

  The selection of seven nurses for the first group of flight attendants was very cruel, even by modern standards. Professional nurse. Not older than 25 years. Weighing no more than 115 pounds, which is about 52 kg. Smaller growth was desired. Not higher than 163 cm. And the first uniform of the girls was a simple medical gown. There were also conditions that are not very fond of recalling in America now. Girls had no right to marry and have children. They were paid, by those standards, a very decent amount, $ 125 a month. But there were a lot of responsibilities, which the current "goddesses of air" do not even suspect. For example, their duties included helping the crew in rolling out the aircraft from the hangar, refueling. Luggage loading and aircraft cleaning. They were also guides, and told passengers about the places over which the flight took place.

In addition, they provide medical services and fed everyone. And even catching flies, handing out gum and cleaned shoes to customers! As you can see, there was a lot. And yet, when the other airlines followed the example of Boeing Air Transport, wants to "heavenly girls» (sky girls as they were then called) was a huge amount! Only during the Second World War, due to the massive recruitment of nurses for the army, the criteria for selection of girls to soften. And began to gain any suitable girls.

It is curious that in a country "mature democracy"

age criterion was abolished in 70h years.

A ban on marriage and children already in 80m! 

  Today, it is wrong to take the stewardess as a servant who feeds you and cares for you. First of all, the stewardess should ensure your safety. And the training program for modern flight attendants reminds the training of special forces! Remember, the flight attendant on board is a welcoming hostess, temporarily taking you at home. She is not a servant, according to the “bring-bring” type, but a full member of the aircraft crew. If necessary, she even lead the plane, such courses are also included in the training program. Act as a guest of good friends. And happy flight for you!

This is interesting:

  • * The deadline for flight attendants work in Russia- 45 years.

  • * Uniform was causing most of the girls American Airlines Hooters Air. Under the motto "flying hot." The girls were dressed in T-shirts and stubby panties boxers. The company 2006 was closed, but across America still remembers the orange shorts and plunging necklines flight attendants.

  • * The Thai airline PC / Air transsexuals working with badges "third sex." Be carefull!

  • * Yugoslav stewardess Vesna Vulovic survived a fall from the 10000 meters!

  • * 2-3 months preparing the flight attendants in Russia. Each company has its own methodology.

  • * In 2008, the Canadian flight attendant she landed the plane with passengers at Shannon Airport. The commander "gone crazy" and the co-pilot was injured, trying to reason with a colleague.


12 of July - World Day Flight Attendant


Soft landing everyone!


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