17 August - the Day of Air Fleet of Russia
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17 August - the Day of Air Fleet of Russia

17 August - the Day of Air Fleet of Russia


  To begin with, we congratulate all the aviators and the Air Force and Civil Aviation on their professional holiday! Soft landings! An equal number of takeoffs and landings, and only air combat training!

  Why is it like all the airmen, both military and civilian, at once? Just because August Air Force Day-12 is a weekday workday. And today is Aviation Day, Air Fleet Day, and everyone can be congratulated!


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17 August - the Day of Air Fleet of Russia

  In August, the distant 1912 year, the Aeronautical Unit, the first in the empire, was put into operation. By October 1917, the Russian Empire Air Force was the most powerful in Europe and in the world. About 700 aircraft were in service at that time. And in 2006, the state finally remembered its history, and the day of August 12 became the official day of the Russian Air Force! Happy holiday military pilots! Aircraft! Specialists radio services! Specialists of all flight services.

  And, despite all the intrigues of the pro-American lobby in our government, who wanted to destroy the most advanced 20-21 aircraft of the centuries, they returned to service. And the sky of the Polar region is again guarded by the Duty Link of the MiG-31. And no SR-71, P-3C Orion, or any other intruder, will enter our territory.

  And of course, it is impossible not to note the holiday that unites all Russian aviators - the Day of the Air Fleet of Russia! This holiday is celebrated every third August. And in this, 2014 year, today, 17 August, we want to congratulate all the people one way or another connected with Aviation! Flight technical staff, flight support services, dispatchers, drivers, cashiers, employees of all aerodrome services and airports! Happy holiday! Thanks to your work, we have the opportunity to fly around the world, and also be proud of our Air Force. Thanks you! All soft landings and trouble-free flights!

  Let all flights be only peaceful, and if battles, then virtual and training. Let your aircraft be always serviceable, and all personnel highly qualified.

Peace of heaven for all of us!

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  I would also like to congratulate everyone who served in the 174th Guards Red Banner Pechenegsky Fighter Aviation Regiment named after V.I. twice Hero of the Soviet Union Boris Feoktistovich Safonov! I had the honor to serve this Guards regiment from 83 to 85 as part of the 532 Separate Airfield Support Battalion. MiG-31 aircraft are the best in the world!


  Valery Smirnov specifically for Avia.pro