The long-awaited project - the An-178.
The long-awaited project - the An-178.

The long-awaited project - the An-178.


About three weeks ago, Ukraine presented its new plane An-178That, on the eve made its first flight. At its core, a novelty in the world of aviation is not so great, however, there are undeniable and positive aspects that may be interested in several of the world powers.



Initially, it was believed that the An-178 project under development would not differ much from the existing models, and first of all, the transport aircraft would have to replace the morally and technically obsolete An-12, An-26 and An-32, however, this time Ukrainian aircraft designers decided to make the aircraft universal. In particular, according to representatives of the Antonov aircraft building corporation, the aircraft is able to land even on gravel runways, without any risks to the crew and the aircraft itself, which allows it to be used in places where, in fact, there are no normal airfields.



To date, the most interesting new AN-178 caused only in China, which has already signed with the Aircraft Corporation a contract to supply ten of the aircraft, and there is a possibility that if the AN-178 interested in China, the aircraft manufacturers can produce a deep modernization of these aircraft specifically for the needs of "high places" in the future.



Information about whether it would be interested in buying the new Ukrainian planes Russia currently does not comment, however, in this case it is important to clarify that in its essence in the Russian Federation there is a sufficiently large number of aircraft An-12An-26 and An-32, which to the present moment needs to be replaced, but this is not suitable models. Experts believe that the supply of AN-178 in Russia could be possible only after improvement of relations between the two countries, but it should happen in the next two years, in the opposite case, the domestic aircraft manufacturers can submit their new aircraft, and the main potential partners of Ukraine may simply abandon the expensive aircraft in its development, and the project could be doomed to failure, which can not be allowed.


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