Antonov An-218


An-218 a passenger aircraft for long-haul, which is made Antonov design bureau. This unit was developed in 80-ies of the last century. To date, the project has not been implemented.

Design features of the An-218 aircraft

The machine has a fuselage and is designed for transportation of passengers over medium and long distances. Designers want to further increase the number of passenger seats to four and a range of up to 12 thousand kilometers. The standard machine is able to carry up to 300 passengers in the same cabin with the same conditions.


The power plant was presented to the machine type turbofan engine model D-18TM. The engine is designed to Zaporizhzhya Motor Plant, but further planned installation of engines mark "Rolls-Royce", which gave power 27,5 thousand kgs. Empty 90 airplane weighed tons and payload was 42 tons.

Normal cruising speed is 850 km / h when flying at an altitude of 12 kilometers. Antonov An-218 had a maximum range 9,4 200 thousand kilometers with passengers on board.

The machine has a third category of quality of navigation equipment. The cab has a greater degree of automation, in addition, the machine is equipped indexing system that consists of five indicators.


The new passenger liner An-218 has a lot of equipment from previous aircraft, which showed its reliability and quality. A special feature of the device can be considered a wing with aerodynamic surfaces at the ends. In addition, the new landing gear system allows landing at aerodromes that use other machines, like Tu-204. These characteristics open up flight opportunities between more than 50 airports around the world. According to the designers' calculations, the aircraft has a great resource in 60 thousand hours of flight. At this time, the project has not been completed, but the design continues.


For the development of a new passenger airliner An-218 designers took only 1991 year. Technical documentation for this unit should be ready by year 93. We expect that the first flight of the machine will be able to make in the year 1994. Serial production would develop in Ukraine with the support of the leading Russian designers. Analytical data showed that the machine should surpass the previous passenger planes such as IL-86 or Tu-154. Superiority should primarily be in fuel economy and passenger comfort. In addition, it should have become much cheaper in service.

An-218 characteristics:




I know how to implement the project.

Hmm, interesnenko plane, judging by the pictures, the body has already been assembled, can be even used to collect one unit may be someone in the world and would be interested in such a machine.

Come early to give up on the An-218. Already, there is a tendency to move to more fuel-efficient planes. But this project has a lot of flight hours and good fuel economy. It remains only to man up his modern navigation system, and it will be able to give odds to many!

There is simply no money for implementation. The company is considered to be public, but the subsidy from the state practically does not arrive.

I agree that the prospects for the resumption of almost none. I only wish the efforts of designers and money that vbuhali in the project. Ukrainians have not learned to get things done in the factory Antonov lot of unrealized projects.

I doubt that an airliner when the project will be resumed. Antonov company now experiencing hard times. And for years 25 technology and equipment has improved significantly. I do not see any real prospects for the continuation of the development of the An-218.


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