January 22 - Air Defense Forces Day

The Day of the Air Force Aviation of Russia is celebrated every year on January 22.


About the holiday


October 25 1996 - it was then that Boris Dukhov, the commander of the air defense forces, issued the corresponding document. The date fixed in it had a symbolic meaning. It was devoted to the day when the first fighter corps of air defense aviation appeared. The congratulation was created by the order of the USSR People’s Commissariat of Defense No. 056 of January 22 of 1942. This is the main means of dealing with the aviation of the air forces of Germany (Luftwaffe times of the Second World War).

January 22 - Air Defense Forces Day

The terrible events of the Great Patriotic War made their adjustments to the plans and lives of people, radically changed the attitude towards the army. Already in the first days of the war the superiority of the Germans in the air was obvious. But our country managed to make a return move only in 1942 year. In winter, by order of the People's Commissar of Defense, the first fighter air defense unit was formed.


Already after the first fights, it became clear that the management made the right decision. Soviet pilots managed to stop the German aerial vehicles far on the outskirts, not allowing them to land and perform bombing. Crews flew on missions more than 170 thousand times, which destroyed 4 thousand enemy aircraft.


For a relatively short period of time, the air defense aircraft was transferred to the Air Defense Force, then it belonged to the Air Force. This lasted until 1998. Since that year, air defense aviation, as an independent genus, was disbanded. This decision was made after the unification of the Air Force and Air Defense.

January 22 - Air Defense Forces Day

After that, as part of the Air Force there were special fighter groups that produce tasks under the leadership of the Air Force.


Tactical aviation is rightfully considered the most maneuverable type of aircraft. Fighter units serve as the main. You are reading these words, and now there are more 60 interceptors in the air that protect the borders of our country's airspace. Fighters protect Russia from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. Means of detection, armament and experience of the crew allows you to detect the offenders before he gets to the line of missile launch. 


In arms in different years were many types of aircraft, ranging from the first Yak, MIGs and others. The end of the 40-x and the beginning of the 50-x were marked by the appearance of jet fighters. Yaky and MIGs were equipped with guided missiles and detection tools.


In 60, supersonic YAKs and Sushki were taken into service. The fleet of parts was regularly upgraded and new, more sophisticated aircraft came into service. Air-to-air missiles were improved and the development of early warning systems was being introduced. To date, combat duty are various modifications SU-27 and MIG-31.

January 22 - Day of the Air Force Aviation 343

The introduction of new technology does not stop, in this direction are ongoing work. In the army there were models created based on the SU-27. Substantial upgrading has practically turned the SU-35 and SU-30 into a new generation of fighters. Modern equipment allows not only to detect ground and air targets, but also to coordinate their work.


Who celebrates Air Force Day?


Employees belong to the air defense troops of Russia. They are included in the technical, flight and auxiliary compositions. In peacetime, duty units are responsible for escorting ships that violated the state border. If they do not leave the territory, they are required to perform a forced landing or destroy. In wartime, units are responsible for confronting the enemy’s air vehicles, which are in the area of ​​responsibility. They also take part in intelligence. Profession is classified as harmful and hazardous to health. This is due to numerous nervous tensions and overloads.

January 22 - Day of the Air Force Aviation 343


Who notes


The solemn events are attended by officers and ordinary air defense aircraft, as well as related units. They are joined by relatives, relatives and friends. A memorable date is marked by former employees, veterans who were in the ranks of these formations. In addition, the celebration is honored by the teaching and cadet compositions of the profile specialties of the Universities of the Ministry of Defense.


Interesting Facts


During World War II, Soviet fighter aircraft flew over 170 sorties. At the same time, 000 destroyed enemy aircraft were destroyed.


Armament of the RF Armed Forces receives lethal devices that can fight only for air targets. The main ones are the Su-27 and MiG-31 modifications. The first can be located at an altitude of 20 kilometers.


More than half of the technology has been used for more than 20 years. According to many military, her condition leaves much to be desired.


The air borders of the Russian Federation are reliably guarded by highly qualified professionals and people who are devoted to their country. We wish them a clear sky!

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