50 A320ceo airplanes per month from Airbus
50 A320 airplanes per month from Airbus

The first major parts for the Airbus family A320, designed for assembly in the United States, left the port of Hamburg (Germany) on Friday and headed for Mobile (Alabama).


Key components assembly consists of the following elements and mechanisms:

  • - Wings, made in Great Britain;
  • - The rear section of the fuselage and tail produced, respectively, in Spain and Germany;
  • - The front section of the fuselage, manufactured in France;
  • - Cockpit, which consists of parts produced in different parts of the world.


Also on board are the horizontal and vertical stabilizers from Spain and Germany, respectively. The first flight will take place in A321ceo 2016 year under the symbols airline JetBlue.


The company has established the Airbus plant in Mobile (Alabama) to build A319s, A320s and A321s, which caused an increase in demand for aircraft in the United States. The first plant will be the company's 4-th in the network, which includes assembly plants in France, Hamburg, Toulouse and China.


About 200 employees, including some of the Mobile, currently in Hamburg for training. The ceremony marks the first transportation of the cargo ship in the presence of Consul General in Hamburg Nancy Corbett. Sea voyage will last for about 20 days.


"This celebration is called further our achievement in the production of aircraft in the United States," - said President and CEO of Airbus Fabrice Bregir. "North America is one of the largest single-aisle aircraft market in the world. Placing production plant in the region brings us closer to customers and strengthen the aerospace industry in the Americas, Europe and worldwide. Production will begin in a few weeks, and the first delivery is planned for the year 2016. "


Airbus is considering increasing the number of monthly A320 line-ups from 50 in the first quarter of 2017 to 60 and more per month as of 2020, according to CEO Fabrice Brehrer. At the present time, the manufacturer is creating an 42 narrow-body aircraft monthly. The tendency to increase production rates is explained by motivational factors, among which the key role is played by the increase in demand in this segment of the market. The main problem that prevents the accelerated operation of production capacity, are late deliveries of components. This inhibits production, and until now the company can not exceed the level of 50 cars built per month.


Tom Williams, who has served as Airbus Chief Operating Officer, said that the delayed delivery of some equipment, so aircraft assembly plants are not loaded to full capacity. The problem is untimely deliveries, primarily in the financial position of the supplier, which, unfortunately, does not allow them to modernize the production line for the timely execution of orders.


Williams added that he is closely following the small companies, which are cooperatively associated with the assembly of aircraft Airbus. He claims that the biggest problem lies in the manufacture of engines, on which the increase in the volume of production and the transition to new products.


Airbus began to produce their own models of some of the details and mechanisms A320, which differ from the modification A320ceo. "We deliver all necessary materials, establish support to manufacturers of machine tools and launch their own production at a given rate, due to this we can take the manufacturing part of the necessary equipment, and to evaluate the possible defects on the spot, saving time" - explains Williams.


The company plans to distribute 50 aircraft per month between the final assembly lines in Hamburg (25), Toulouse (17), Tianjin (4) and Mobil (4).