713-th requested landing (1962).
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713-th requested landing (1962).

713-th requested landing (1962).


  • Country USSR.
  • Director Grigory Nikulin.
  • Starring: Vladimir Chestnokov, Vladimir Vysotsky, Lyudmila Abramova, Lev Krugly, Otar Koberidze


The crew of the aircraft belonging to foreign airlines is usyplёnnym hard drugs, which had been mixed in coffee unsuspecting people, and now the aircraft is operated solely autopilot.



In the first-class cabin had to make the flight, the Soviet delegation, however, at the last moment of their departure was delayed, and the delegation did not have time for my flight. It is for the members of the delegation and preparing a terrorist attack.

Inside, a second-class fly a variety of passengers, but among them there are a number of very interesting persons: the lawyer, missionary, military marines, as well as the physician Richard Guenther, intentions to change the name and occupation because of political persecution in his left-wing views.



As a result of this situation, each of the passengers begins to behave in their own way - someone unusually calm, someone panics, and only Richard Guenther can save the aircraft from disaster citing crew feelings, which he does.

After a successful landing, the hero who saved both the plane and the passengers reveals his mysterious identity, after which he is arrested ...



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