Aaron Finkel. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.
Aaron Finkel. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.

Aaron Finkel. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.



Aaron was born in New York City, in the area of ​​Brooklyn. During the war, the Germans flew in USAF. He was a happy man - for the war has never met a German aircraft in the air.

In the spring of 1948, he was Sales Manager, selling radio equipment. Once he was approached by an unknown person and offered to go to Palestine - there to fight for the Jewish future.

Aaron Finkel. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 1


A few days later he got to Rome. Like all volunteers roundabout routes to get to Israel. In early June, the 1948 received training and soon flew to On-46 of ZatecIt shall carry a pair of S-199 unassembled. Planned stop for refueling in Adzhatstsio (Italy).

But the S-46 had problems with the engines, and had to land at the Italian base Treviso. The commander of the Italian base greeted Finkel very warmly - after all, the plane on which he arrived was a civilian. After some "gratitude" from Aaron, his plane was not inspected for contraband.

However, one of the interesting Italian officers decided to look at its own initiative insides "Commando" and very surprised to find several large boxes. But having opened their Italians were able to detect only civil goods (the most valuable was hidden at the bottom).

Aaron Finkel. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 2


The entire crew of Entin, Finkel and Don Kosteffa (apparently the name of the latter was originally bone) was arrested, but Finkel promptly used the right phone call and a call Danny Agronskomu - European coordinator.

They had to spend three nights in jail until they were brought to bear concealed spring mechanism. Then they were released. From Treviso headed to Venice, then by plane South African airline flew to Haifa.

Finkel took part in "Operation Velvet 2" - distillation "Spitfire" from Czechoslovakia to Israel through Yugoslavia.

Aaron Finkel. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. Photo. 3


2.01.1949 with Aaron Feldman took part in the attack, the Egyptian Communications located in the Sinai. A few days later there was a memorable event for Finkel. After the attack the Rafah-Gaza road, his "Spitfire", "took off his shoes," while landing at the airport in Hazor. Aaron managed to leave the damaged fighter without damage to health. It was his final sortie.

 Aaron remained with the 101 Squadron until it was relocated to Ramat-David. After that he went home to America.


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