Absolute invisibility. Innovative ideas of military aviation.
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Absolute invisibility. Innovative ideas of military aviation.

Absolute invisibility. Innovative ideas of military aviation.


Effect Stealth aircraft primarily until recently meant by an inability to detect aircraft radar, but modern technology may soon make the combat aircraft visually invisible, which would give them virtually invulnerable to the enemy.



Scientists from the German Karlsruhe Institute recently turned their attention to one of the species of butterflies with transparent wings, and, by itself, this observation is unlikely to be given any good, if not for one factor - the wings of a butterfly species Gretta Oto are absolutely transparent, is, they are not only 99% light transmission, but does not reflect or refract it, thereby minimizing the likelihood that the butterfly will be eaten by predators. Currently, scientists are working to get a similar nano-structure and find a use for innovative technologies.



Transparent materials, such as glass, always reflect part of the incident light, however, artificially recreated by the scientists, the substance allows to pass the absolute majority of sunlight without reflection and refraction, which, in fact, makes any object created from this material almost completely invisible. The very innovation can be used in military aviation as a masking effect, but some refinement of the technology is required, in particular, scientists need to strengthen the existing nanostructure so that it can withstand serious loads.



The new discovery aircraft manufacturers are already interested several major powers, since the creation of essentially invisible to radar and visual observation of combat aircraft is a huge advantage during combat with the enemy. Of course, we are not talking about the complete invisibility, because some of the materials used in aircraft construction, can not be replaced, but the fact that it will be possible to hide about 50% of the aircraft from the surface of the eye of the enemy, in itself unique.

It is expected that the new technology will mainly be used to create the wings of the aircraft, which occupy the largest area of ​​the aircraft, but in this case there is a question regarding the transfer of fuel tanks in another part of the aircraft, that is, combat aircraft as such will have to re-reborn, changing for the most part its usual form.

It is possible that this technology will find its application in the next 7-10 years, and then, the new aircraft will not only bear the powerful weapons, but will actually be invisible during combat missions.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for Avia.pro