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"Admiral Kuznetsov" will join the operation in Syria.

"Admiral Kuznetsov" will join the operation in Syria.


Aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" took dock repair since May. Renovation was completed in August, and then the cruiser passed sea trials. Now cruiser was a full range of combat readiness of the restoration.

its further use, very contradictory media information. Fleet press service denied information about the participation of the cruiser in the operation against the IG.

But, according to the publication Komersant, from sources in the command of the Northern Fleet aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" until the end of the week must go from Murmansk to the Syrian port of Tartus.

Indirectly, these data confirm the strengthening of work in the port to deepen the channel and strengthen the piers and jetties. In the port of Tartus, where, as we know is the base logistics aviation group videoconferencing Russian Federation, is now working kilektornoe vessel KIL-158. That it cleans the fairway. Also on this fairway worked hydrographic vessel "Donuzlav", after which work began on the deepening of the channel of the port. Upon completion of all works, Tartous port will be able to take large vessels and ships 2 rank.

For information about connecting to the cruiser's operation in Syria, it is difficult to confirm or deny, have to wait and watch the news.

Grouping VKS Russia in Syria is made up of over 50 planes and helicopters for different purposes. With the arrival in the Syrian port of our group will increase by more than 50 LA units. Among them, the Su-UTG 25, 33-Su and MiG-29K aviation group cruisers, as well as anti-submarine helicopters Ka-Ka-27 and 29. The composition of the air group, of course, will vary depending on the purpose, which will be delivered the command of the Navy of the Russian Federation.

Aircraft carrier 1145.3 project has a take-off ramp (ramp) that allows the use of a conventional aircraft (horizontal) takeoff and landing. At the moment it only as part of the Navy in its class.

cruiser fate was not easy. Many times the work to create it stopped. The ship was renamed several times.

Admiral Kuznetsov 2

The project, he had the name "Soviet Union". During Bookmarks (1 September 1982 years) I was given the name "Riga". After launching, it had the name "Leonid Brezhnev" in December 1985 years. After 85, during the completion afloat in August 1987 years, the cruiser once again renamed to "Tbilisi".

Cruiser many times passed sea trials, returned to the factory for numerous improvements.

With the 4 1990 October, the aircraft carrier was finally its present name: the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral of the Soviet Union Fleet Kuznetsov". Named in honor of Nikolai Kuznetsov Gerasimovitch with 1939 1947 on the People's Commissar of the Soviet Navy, Naval Minister with 1951-1953 g, Hero of the Soviet Union.

1 November, the deck was still "Tbilisi" was first made landing Su-27K. Planting is carried out by test pilot Viktor Pugachev Sukhovsky KB. Some time later, on the same day, the first takeoff from the springboard on the MiG-29K, made another famous test pilot TS Aubakirov.

By the end of the year 1990 cruiser passed factory and state tests. In the course of which was made 454 flights naval variants of the Su-27K and Mig-29K. And in December 25 1990 year, after more than 8 year test period and dovodok "Admiral Kuznetsov" was admitted to the Russian Navy. The ship joined the Northern Fleet, and got home port near Murmansk.

Now truncated Air Group has:

  • Su-33 - 14 machines.
  • Su-25 UTG - 2 machines (military training).
  • MiG-29 K - 2 machine.
  • MiG-29 KUB - 2 machines (combat training).
  • Ka-27 and Ka-27 PS of search and rescue services - 15 machines.
  • Ka-31 radar detection.

The staffing Aviation Group should consist of 48-50 units of flight equipment.

"Admiral Kuznetsov" in addition to the air group has:

  • Impact complex consisting of the SCRC, "Granit"
  • Anti-aircraft armament consists of SPAR "Dirk" SAM "Dagger" and 30-mm AK-630M installations.
  • Torpedo weapons - "Boa» 2 mortars complex.

As can be seen from this short list, the aviation group, modern weapons and means of protection of the Admiral Kuznetsov TAKR will be a good addition to our group in Syria. 


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