Aerodynamic aircraft as an alternative to the helicopter and car
Aerodynamic aircraft as an alternative to the helicopter and car

Aerodynamic aircraft as an alternative to the helicopter and car

Exploring the possibility of creating an aircraft, which could become an individual vehicle for an ordinary citizen of the country in its vast expanses, I came to a certain aerodynamic scheme, which allows to hope for success, since it is fully based on well-known aerodynamic laws.


In addition, this unit will significantly increase the mobility of various rapid response services, and can also be used to protect the state border, various counter-terrorist operations and other military operations. There would be a device, and where and how to adapt it, based on its real possibilities - this is the second thing!

If my preliminary work is confirmed experimentally, it will become the basis for the creation of an aircraft with the following capabilities and indicators:

  • 1. Functional capabilities of the helicopter (vertical takeoff, landing, hanging, flight):
  • 2. The ability to operate in extremely constrained conditions (even close to the obstacles);
  • 3.malaya noise and low dust generation during takeoff and landing;
  • 4.essential compactness, good layout, simplicity of design;
  • 5.nizkaya vibration and the absence of alternating loads on the bearing surface (reliability);
  • 6. The possibility of landing (takeoff) on the water;
  • 7.vozmozhnost safe landing when an engine failure at low altitude;
  • 8.vysokaya economy (until the theoretical).

I focus on the fact that searching for a device, approximately with such capabilities, has been engaged in various countries for quite a long time (for example: USA, Israel ...). As an example, X-HAWK and some others. Attempts to create a rather incongruous construction, the “flying car”, got a big move. But for all that, this is a search in the same direction (walking distance and off-airfield basing).


In short, humanity is aware of the need for an individual aircraft and also understands the need to move away from a tough alternative: either an airplane or a helicopter. It turns out that "options are possible." Maybe this is exactly my device? I would like to!

And now quite a bit of mysticism.

For many years, exploring the possibility of creating an aircraft with the above possibilities, I finally came to a variant that I consider satisfactory. And at that moment, when the concept of the apparatus was formed, I suddenly, quite clearly heard a voice in my head (the voice, for sure, did not belong to me), which said clearly and clearly - “Well, of course, just like that!”.

That is why, in spite of the primitiveness of my experiments, I really believe in the truth of (my?) Idea. It remains only to ask the officials for assistance in conducting the final experiments, in order to refine and optimize the design scheme. After all, whatever you say, but still, the law is in effect - “the criterion of truth is practice”.

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